June 17, 2010

10 Things to Buy in Japan/South Korea

1. Big bags!
I really need them for shopping and school. I don't own any stylish big bags yet. I want to buy either a brown or a black one.
2. Brow coloring
My brows are too black!

3. Jeans Skirt
I want one to wear with a brown belt.

4. Dolly Wink - Eye lashes
I think they have such cute style on lashes. Especially this one!
5. Dolly Wink- Eyeliner
Possibly another eyeliner, I just need a good one! My H&M dipliner really suck!

6. Can Can Hat
Doesn't matter which brand, just want a cute one! ^__^

7. Circle Lenses
Lots and lost of them! I hope to find nice and cheap ones in South Korea.

8. Wig/half wig
If I find a good one that is not too expensive.

9. Lipstick
I want them in many colors!

10. Maxi dress
Yes, I'm aware that I'm really tall, but if I find any maxi dress that suits me I'll buy it! I want one so badly!

This time I really need to expand my make-up collection. A lot of it is empty now! I'm planning on buying lots of it in South Korea. They have a lot of nice make-up there and it's pretty cheap.
I've been saving for almost a year now and I haven't bought much. This is why I'm really looking forward to the shopping!

Bye for now!


  1. yay maxi dress is ok for high girls too! i am between 170-173 and i bought last year a liz lisa maxidress^^ and i want to buy this year some dresses again^^

  2. Maxidress' is better for tall girls! :D
    Such a goo shopping list, I cant wait to see what you actually buy!

  3. Nice shopping list, i'm looking for a nice maxi dress too but i'm 177cm :D They're never "maxi" on me haha

    I swear S Korea is makeup heaven :D
    have a good time~

  4. I find maxi dress look better on tall girls That is if we find one long enough *grumble grumble*

  5. dont forget cancan hat for me <333 *puppy eyes*

  6. are u going to asia? have fun! i love when girls wear the maxi dress <3

  7. Good luck on your trip :)
    Hope you have nice shopping~

  8. Oh you have a lovely wishlist! I hope you can find and buy everything you want^^

    I think half wigs are great!

    And I think it will be ok to get a maxi dress even though you are tall, sometimes I see Japanese maxi dresses on Asian girls and the dress is just dragging on the ground.

  9. Are you going to South Korea and Japan? I´m jealous..(*W*)♥♥ Okay, I´m going to Osaka in December~♥♫

  10. :O sån browcoloring skulle jag också behöva XD
    Liss kommenterade att mina ögonbryn var "harsh"
    fast dom inte var målade XD

  11. I like big bags too!!! got myself 3 when I went HK a few days ago hehehee....and brown too!!! and Dolly wink eyelashes and eyeliner is a muz to get !! hope you'll be able to get them in Korea and Maxi dress I'm sure you'll pull it off just fine with that height !!! =) I wanna get too but I'm just too afraid of dragging my dress =(

    have a fun trip !!!

  12. Shanna: It's not too short on you then? :O If not I want to buy one!^^

    Samispoon: Really, yeah maybe, if I find one that's not too short :O I'm reeeeally looking forward to the shopping, I'll show you guys when I do!<3

    Missmoomin: Hmm, I guess it's hard for us tall girls sometimes to find things in asia >_<
    Yeees! *__* it is! I can't believe why I didn't buy more make-up last time I was there. I'm gonna buy a lot this time!

    Ami: Yes, maybe you're right. Hehhe, well, that's what I'm afraid of :(

    Ken: Yes, I am! ^____^ Thank you~! I love maxi dresses!<3

    Iknow: Thank you~!^^

    さらまり: I hope so too ^___^
    Yes, but I just hope to find a half-wig that looks natural enough :)
    Hahah, really? XD Well, I guess it's hard for tall AND short girls.

    Evicchi: Yes, I am!^___^ Osaka!<3 That sounds great! I'm going to osaka for a few days too :)

    Hanna: Hmm, det beror på vad man "aimar" för, när man ska köra gyaru tycker jag det passar bäst med ljusare ögonbryn, men det är lite smaksak.

    jellytelly_ri-chan: It's so convenient! I really need one! You think so? :) I hope so!^^
    Thank you~!

  13. wow nice list Imma love Dolly wink eyelashes!
    ( -`д´-) ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


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