June 19, 2010

Bow Scarf Tutorial

I made a small tutorial on how I tie my scarf.
Sorry, I look very tired in this video for some reason O_o

Bye for now!


  1. Great video!
    The bow looks so cute like that!

  2. ahh I must give it a try! I always love how you wear your scarves~!

  3. i love this style trend! I hope i can find a beautiful scarf in japan! it looks good on you ♥ also my son is a part egyptian too♥

  4. I'll definately be trying this one :) Thank you! xxxxxxxx

  5. thanks for the tutorial! I'll try it!

  6. Hey! You're half finn? Can you speak fnnish? :D

    Puhutko suomea? rupesi vain tätä videota katsellessa mietityttämään (:

  7. hihi ^_^ i am until 12th july in japan :) how about you?^^
    i saw you also fly to south korea? I will fly next year in march maybe ^^

  8. Very cute tutorial! I always used regular ties for my hair, and they did NOT look this cute. I'll definitely try this technique as soon as I get the chance! :D

  9. It seems pretty easy (at least now lol)
    wanna try :)

  10. Kawaii Kawaii Blog: I'm happy you like it! ^__^ Thank you!

    Linda Andersson: Thank you!^^

    Amelie: You should! I love scarves! Thank you!<3

    Shanna: Me too!<3 I think you will :) I found mine at the local second hand store. Thank you~!^^
    Wow, cool! He's soo cute!<3

    MessyCarla: You're welcome! Good luck!

    Cale: You're welcome! :3

    Anonymous: Yes, I am, but I can't speak much Finnish at all T_T I wish I could! I really want to learn though!

    Shanna: I'm in Japan from 8th of July til' 29th :3 Yes, I am ^___^ It's my second time :)

    Alice: Thank you! Yes, go ahead and try it! ^___^

    Chiara: It's actually pretty easy :3 You do so ^^

  11. Thank you so so so much for this tutorial!
    I was going to ask on my blog if anyone had or would make one for me hehe


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