June 2, 2010

Crazy Make-up!

We all know that make-up is great, but look at this! The make-up totally changes their appearance!
I just had to show you this!

It's a from a Taiwanese show. Crazy isn't it? Circle lenses and eyelashes really does the trick!

Bye for now!


  1. I wonder what I would look like with gyaru-makeup? ^^ But I should probably get my skin in order first, before I start using makeup. >_>;

  2. OMG!! O.O Yes, circle lenses and eyelashes are the trick!

  3. Proof that you don't need natural beauty haha!

  4. OMG!

    they seem totally different person without the makeup xD

    lenses and fake eyelashes are the key !!

  5. I second what Saramari said! :DD
    Haha great!

  6. i was looking for his video so much!
    is so impress! are just a trick :D

    *first time posting in your blog,
    is so nice :D*

  7. I saw that the other day, that's totally crazy xD
    How make up save your life lol

  8. Why do this? I think they were pretty without that much make up on... They dont look like themselves anymore after putting all that fake up on~ This is seriously yuck, I'm sorry for my negative opinion but that's what i truly feel~ :\\\

    There should be frontiers on stuff like this... U know not over doing it... O.Ô Whooo~ je

    Thnx for sharing this was really interesting to watch~ :)) I wonder how Tsubasa looks without make up on~ ... I'm a little worried after watching this haha~ xD

    Huggles~ <3

  9. omg that is just so crazy! i can't believe how much bigger their eyes look with make-up...

  10. That's insane :D But in a good way. I love it! Of course they look pretty without the makeup too, but I really love the gyaru-look, so..... ^-^

  11. The transformation is amazing! I wish I looked that cute when I put on makeup :P

  12. Loved that show! Very amuzing and wow, what a transformation!

  13. Yuzuki: I'd love to see that! *___* Or maybe you should use make-up that's good for your skin^^

    Kanae: Hahah, they're great inventions! XD

    ••RASPBERRY JAM••: I knooow! *___*

    さらまり: Hahah, well, I like both natural and unnatural! XD

    Ne: It truly is! *___*

    Rii: I think it's amazing what you can achieve with make-up!

    sweetnosekai: Thank you~!<3

    Chiara: Hahah, yeah, amazing! :O

    About me Aweedee: Hahah, I think it's maybe a bit too much, but I like both natural and unnatural make-up. :) No need to excuse yourself for saying your opinions ^__^ That's what make the discussion alive!
    I think those girls looked cute before and cute after<3

    No prob, hun! I'm also wondering! :O
    *hugs back*

    chinsa: Hahahaha, I know! O.O

    Sofia: I agree with you, sofia!<3

    Keiko: It is! but you do look cute with make-up!<3

    Claudia: Hahaha, I've never seen it before, but it's funny!^^ (even though I can't understand what they're saying XD)

  14. stumbled onto your blog somehow...

    this video was so interesting! thanks for sharing! make-up can be a disguise, but they are so adorable with funny personalities (even though I have no idea what they said).


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