June 30, 2010

Finally in Seoul!

So finally we're in Seoul! I can't believe I'm here again!
I didn't take any good photos actually because I've been so busy with the travel and all! I promise to post better photos from now on. Hyo took much better photos so you should check his blog out:

So here's me waiting for the bus to arrive. We were going to Stockholm the day before the travel to Seoul.
This photo seem so old now! So much has happened since!

We transfered in Beijing so we had a few hours there to spend. China seem so cool, I'd love to go there some time!

So here my airplane food. Nothing special really, I didn't have much apetite. I always get weird when I travel. I can't eat!

The Chinese beer I got was actually pretty good. It's not only made of malt, but also made of rice! Cool huh?^^

As soon as we found our guesthouse I hurried to apply new make-up, so I'm not really wearing much make-up in this photo. We wanted to go out to eat and look in the shops here in Hongdae.
Me and Nathalie.

Us at a Galbi place. The food was heavenly!

There's soo much pretty stuff here!♥ I can't wait to go shopping soon. The only thing I did buy were these eyelashes. I like this design on eyelashes.

See you soon! I'll try updating as much as I can!
Tomorrow is an important day. Me and he will meet his biological mother tomorrow, so we're both kind of nervous.

Bye for now!


  1. I'm glad to hear you arrived safely! It's amazing how time passes so quickly when you are traveling and the first days seem so far away.

    Those eyelashes are so pretty!

  2. Very cool, glad your trip was safe!!

  3. I'm so excited for your trip :D Have lots of fun and post lots of photos of everyone!

  4. Have fun in Korea! :DDDDD
    I want to go there again too! <333

  5. i'm so jealous that you get to go to korea! have fun ^^


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