June 14, 2010

Gyaru Picnic Meet

Finally I'm posting these photos! ^___^
The 5th of June we had our Gyaru meet-up.
I didn't have much time to do my nails so I just blinged my own nails with rhinestones. Easy, but quite cute :3
The day started off with me meeting Monica up at the central sation, she came all the way from Norway!^^
Later on we met up with the other girls to buy things to our picnic and such.

Veronica, me and Amanda.
Monica's Photo

We were too lazy for barbecue so we bought sushi instead! Hahaha
So here's Monica and Veronica waiting to buy the sushi.
I wasn't all satisfied with my hair that day, I had to stress with it!
This is how gals eat sushi! XD
Monica's Photo

Amanda is just tooo cute in her Liz Lisa outfit!♥

Cutie Monica enjoying her sushi. Her make-up was fabulous!
Belsam looking cute as always! I was really happy that she could come!

Celebrate your g(o)als!
Monicas stuff and my cellphone to the right. Her swarovski crystal decoed cellphon and camera are just amazingly beautiful!♥
Me and Monica, it was so nice getting to know her! She was really nice and fun to hang out with!

I like this photo of her ^__^
♥Shoes Love♥
Later on me, Amanda and Monica went to go to an outside club/live bands. We had our wine from the earlier picnic with us, but we realized we could enter with it, so we sat down outside drinking it and being silly! It was really fun, hahaha!
Monica's Photo

Us inside the event. We run into mine and Amandas friend Kohta.
Monica's Photo

I had soooo much fun that day! I'd like to do this again! And Monica, let's meet again!^___^


... I'll leave you with this photo!
Monica's Photo

It's priceless!♥

Bye for now!


  1. love your phone and nails!

  2. It looks like you had so much fun <33
    I love your shoes, they are so pretty TT

  3. Looks like you girls had fun! You all take such cute funny pictures XD

    Btw, love all your deco!

  4. awww looks like u had sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun T_T jag kunde inte komma eftersom hade mkt med Japan o sommarjobbet o göra.
    Får la bli en annan dag, skulle verkligen vilja träffa dej :)

  5. Awh! It looks like such a fun and nice meetup. What a fun time with Monica, I wish I could join you guys^^

    The last photo is definitely my fave! Hehe

  6. Åh, det ser så kul ut, och ni är så himla söta!

  7. I hope you had a great time with the girls! Looked like a lot of fun! Haha :D

  8. You say that you wasn't satisfied with your hair but I think that they were perfect like always ^-^

  9. Hade jag inte varit hundvakt den dagen så hade jag definitivt tittat förbi. Ni verkar ha haft det jättekul~ ^^ När kan vi träffas förresten? ^^ (Förlåt om du tycker att jag är tjatig...)

  10. Stunning pictures, you're really pretty and I love the picture of the deco'd things :D I adore Monica's camera!

  11. becca ur hair was fab :O

    and i should post pics tooooo... im so slow.. ><

  12. nej åhh alltså jag ville så gärna vara där, såg att ni skulle ha meet-up men jag hade inte råd :''( muu. och monica kom också :( muu. baskat.. jag är superledsen på mig själv atm (T___T)

  13. yayyy GAL picnic ! > <
    love all girl style!
    so cawaii~(。>д<)

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