June 3, 2010

It's a wonderful day!♥

I'm going to University soon for my last lesson. I'm so freaking happy! ^____^

I made myself a delicious breakfast to eat on the balcony.
The weather is just... just... IT'S SUMMER!

A sandwich and strawberries with milk, yum!
I'm totally wearing shorts today!!!

Natural make-up because I'm going to the gym afterwards.
By the way, Strawberries with milk is such a typical Swedish thing to eat during the summer.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Bye for now!


  1. ... And typical Danish too ;)

  2. I'm glad to hear that you have lovely summer weather there now! Strawberries and milk sound very yummy, I just eat strawberries plain^^

  3. Strawberrys with milk is a natural thing to eat to my family too♥

  4. I never heard of eating strawberries and milk together! But it looks very yummy :3 I think I'll taste it soon :)

  5. Oh lucky!
    The weather in my country is terrible its so cloudy and blaaa ><

  6. D'awwww, the weather over there looks so lovely! I'm missing Summer already. D:

    (It's Winter over here. > < )

  7. mmm strawberrys, i love it !!

    i like your outfit !!!

  8. hihi tröjan känner jag igen :D <3

    & nu vart jag rejält sugen på jordgubbar 8)

  9. oooh !
    I want strawberrys too :(
    (we eat it with sugar and milk :D )

  10. Løjsen: Maybe it's typical Scandinavia? XD I don't know, but it's really yummy!

    さらまり: I've been waiting for this for so long now! summer is my favorite season!<3 Plain Strawberries are delicious as well^^

    jacqueline.: I love it!<3

    Rii: you should! It's great! If you like cream you can also eat it with cream and it'll be more like a dessert. :3

    Ai: aaw, I feel sorry for you T_T

    Vivien: It is! We had an extremely cold winter this year with lots of snow, so I'm happy that summer is finally here! I never thought it would happen! XD

    Ran: Me too~! Thank you! It's simple, but I like it :3

    Manda: heheh, ja! Tack för du gav mig den! Jag använder den ofta faktiskt :3 Det är så sjuuukt gott. Vi kanske kan köpa med till träffen sen :3

    Gittøh~: It's great! You should go get some!^^

  11. Jag gillar dina tofflor ^_^

  12. Madlen: Hahaha, visst är de fina? :D

  13. You've done so much color contrast so that wurst looks weird... or maybe they just have a weird color XD

  14. I love your Marine style outfit! it is so darling! Where did you get such cute blue pants??! :)

  15. Thank you~! ^___^ I feel really comfortable in it!<3 In a Swedish store called Cubus :) I've been lokking for shorts like these and these are perfect!<3

  16. I love your shorts!♥(*W*) I love marine style~♥ You´re so beuatiful... Hey,do you speak finnish? (I thought that you maybe would ´cuz you´re half-finnish xD) In Finland, we eat blueberries with milk in summer, and strawberries with vanilla ice cream..:))

  17. Jag talar svenska också,så du kan svara mig på svenska om du vill (^O^)


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