June 20, 2010

Nail Inspiration!

A while ago I discovered a Japanese Nail Salon's home page. It was through Yui Kanno's blog because it seems like it's the Nail Salon she goes to do her nails and I totally fell in love with the style!

So here's a nail spam!

I love transparent glittery nails!

Marine themed!♥

Even the toe nails!♥

Usually gyaru nails are pretty long, but I like these because I know I'd totally wear it for everyday style. I think I might not afford to do them myself in Japan because I think you have to pay around 120-200usd depending on what kind of nails. It's pretty expensive, so I'd love to learn and get better at doing my own nails. ^___^

Bye for now!


  1. If you're taking pictures for showinM what you may want with you, you already can go outside japan to a nail salon and get what you want. :)
    maybe you'll not get the same cuteness, but with ideas from you and your "nail-maker" you'll get individual nails for shure! And I bet it isn't as expensive as in japan. ;)

  2. Hi Becci! I love shorts nails too! Gyaru nails are long, but I prefer shorts ones because it's to complicated for me to do anything with long nails!
    Lovely pictures! *__*

  3. (first comment, long time lurker)
    Wow I didn't know you liked Yui Kanno too? She is my favorite model!
    I love her nails too. If I ever just start to vormit money on a regular basis, I'm so going to that salon! They are just brilliant *w*

  4. Your have totally resaon, long nails are expensive xD I love that pics! <3

  5. really beautiful nails!
    i do my nails by myself :)

  6. I love these nails too :D I don´t like the loooong nails I prefer a medium size so they´re perfect *0* I´m really bad doing my nails but as you said it´s really expensive so I don´t know what I´m going to do with them hahaha

  7. I'm not a huge fan on short nails but the nautical ones looked so cute!

  8. I'm not a big short nails girl, I just tend to break them faster than long nails LOL So many lovely gel nails though. Really talented ♥

  9. OMG i love the nail arts... been wanting to do gel nails.... they are really cute but haven get around to convinced myself to part with that money yet hahaha

  10. those are crazily intricate nails that seem impossible to do

  11. Oh I love all those nails, pastel colors are my fav right now... I did my nails the other day and they have the same baby pink, yellow and blue color. Plus I added some candy deco.

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    - Cindy
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