June 12, 2010

Outfit - Mode Gyaru

After having read Mitsu's blog entry about the new gyaru style " Mode Gyaru" I was very inspired to try it out. I've been admiring Ena Matsumoto's style a while now and she's rocking the mode gyaru style. I really like it, it's mature and fierce!

The make-up turned out okay, but I really need a black eyeshadow, there's nothing left! T_T
I'll try to make it smokier next time!

Simple outfit. I really like my new scarf I got!

Bye for now!


  1. love it the hair bow makes it! btw is the hair scarf just a normal scarf ya see I want to buy one and I dont know what to look for

  2. I love your make-up, the gyaru make-up really suits you!

    Hey I know we never talked (I just commented your blog a few times) but I've been following your blogs for quite some months, and I nominated you for a award ^^: here

    Hope you don't mind, it's a 'sweet bloger' award and you always seem really sweet ^^!

  3. You look beautiful with that style of makeup, I bet you'll look even more amazing with smokier eyemakeup.

    I love your power shoulders shirt, it's totally cute and mode!

  4. I love your make-up. What did you use in the corner of your eyes? (the light colour) :) it looks very pretty with the black eyeliner!

  5. I loved this look on you! Keep the Mode coming ♡♡

    Linked you in the newest Mode post, too ♥

  6. I think that you're makeup turned out great, becca!
    You always work so hard and I really admire that!
    I can't wait until we are going to Asia together, it's going to be awesome!<3

  7. the power shoulders shirt is so awesome! :D you look great! i love the scarf on your head too!


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