July 5, 2010

The Day After the Intense Partying

Yupp, so yesterday I accidently slept until 2pm. I was sooo tired. Maybe it's not that weird since we went to bed around 5am

Anyways, we all needed to take it easy so we just hung around nearby. We went to eat at a noodle place.
Nathalie and Agnes waiting for their food.

This is my dish, cold spicy noodles, yum!
Jonas was enjoying his dish too.
I love this photo! XD

Afterwards we went for some shopping and gaming and ended the day with some donuts at Mister Donut.
Me and Hyo infront of Mister Donut. It's a donut sheep and a donut lion!♥
They're so cute!

We also spent some time at the guesthouse drinking soju... again.
Hahaha, so much drinking here!

I made some shopping as I mentioned earlier.
I bought a pair of new circle lenses.This time in black. I think they're called Magic Black or something.

I got this cute traveling set when I bought the lenses. It's really great and convenient! It has a mirror and a tweezer to pick up the lenses.

This is everything I got when I bought the lenses at the store Cutie Eye, which is located in Hongdae.
It's the lenses, two lens case, a travel set and a mirror.
This is how the lenses look like on my eyes.
I really like them, but one huge problem is that they're pretty uncomfortable to wear :( I think I'll just wear them for party or clubbing. I can't wear them the whole day, my eyes get tired quickly. If I wear them without make-up I really look weird! You need to wear more heavy make-up for these lenses.

I also got two pair of Usamimi, they were extremly cheap!
For those of you how don't know what it is it's a hair accesory, it's very popular within gyaru style right now. I was going to buy them in Japan but found lots of them here in Seoul!

Bye for now!


  1. thats a good vacation ahah.
    enjoying that :DDD
    nice buyinGg!

  2. The spicy cold noodles look super yummy, but the Mr Donut! Oh I'm a huge mr donut fan you know hehe^^ The pic of you guys with the donut lion and sheep are so cute^^

  3. the food looks yummy! oh, love your contacts too and the Usamimis are cute^^

  4. beccaaa ! it seems youre all having so much fun! and i love that bag u posted in the last entry <3

    and now that i saw your usamimi, can u get 2-3 for me, if u happen to pass by a store? i got a cancanhat today so you dont need to get it for me <33

  5. The pictures are too cute! :3 <3
    I love your clothes, hihi! ^^ i just look around your blog and u have the same cellphone as me! ;D I'm looking for some decorations for it and i wanna try these one; http://www.strapya-world.com/products/30317.html But i don't know maybe the sticker is a loot bigger then our cell! :c
    & I wanna try usamimi too, the blue ones! :)

    Great blog! I'm gonna follow (。◕‿◕。)♡

  6. You could totally pass as half Japanese with the circle lenses!! I LOVE THEM =) you remind of an anime character hehe


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