July 17, 2010

A Day in Harajuku

Last Sunday we all went to Harajuku, one of my favorite places to go shopping!
I decided to meet two of my friends that was visiting Tokyo for a few days.

Bella and Frida!

We went to eat at Sweets Paradise!
It's an all-you-can-eat-sweets-and-food-place. It's heaven!

Here's my plate. They had so many good dishes!<3
They also had shaved ice with many different flavors.

Later on after gone shopping we went to rest our feet at a café.
I chose a maple syrup latte. It was quite good actually ^___^
Agnes and Sofia enjoying their drinks.
Nathalie and me.
Later on we went to look around in Kiddy Land. It's a store which has got a range of many different toys, plushies and weird/funny things.
Here's the fashion dolls Pullip. They're wearing clothing from Lolita brands.
We also took a quick look in this weird store. It has condoms in many different kind of shaps in many funny ways. It's quite funny.

Harajuku at night

So this day I bought my first half wig from Prisila!

I really like it, but I'm not sure if it suits the shap of my face, what do you think?

In real time: I'm going to Osaka tomorrow! I'm really looking forawrd to it as it is my first time hgoing there ^___^

Bye for now!


  1. L.O.V.E. the wig ♥__♥ It suits you so well!

  2. I like the pink plate;) And the hair suits you!

  3. Oh cute Harajuku photos! Thanks for showing the Sweets Paradise pictures, its much safer to only see rather than eat haha!

    I've been to that cafe you went too! It has a nice view of the street below. I think you made a good drink choice it sounds yummy.

    I like the half wig on you, all it needs so a hair accessory and it will be perfect! ^^/

    Have a safe trip!! I am looking forward to meeting again when you get back to Tokyo, oh and for sure let's keep in touch!

  4. I really think the wig does suit your face! ❤ It actually looks pretty natural too, like you just put exte in your hair (though I'm not sure that really counts as 'natural,' haha! XD)
    So many cute photos & omgosh that plate of sweets!! *grabs*

  5. wow ur have rally pretty face (っ>ω<)っ
    ♥ Imma love ur blog kekeke ♥o(>_<)o♥
    Love your wig in look good on you~ ♡
    p.s. sweet paradise(=゚ω゚)90min cake cake♥

  6. wow really cute wig ! ♥ i think it suits you very well~

  7. I love Tokyo~ And I'm going to Osaka after a week, yay! :D

  8. I you like he wig you should wear it but i've been reading a few of your blog posts and i think you're pretty enough without it ^^

  9. Would you wear the wig in an other way I'm sure it would look much better but it's still great♫

  10. It all looks so delicious!! :D
    Im sure you will be able to work the wig too

  11. oh i just cant get over the fact that you look so much like leah dizon!! lol and pulip dolls are on my wishlist ._. they are too cute!! and the wig suits you well! :D

  12. Wow, you even get such a pretty bag for the wig? xD

    "Sweets Paradise" sounds great, I hope I'm going to find places like that in Tokyo, too.

  13. Where did you buy the wig? What store?


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