July 29, 2010

First Day in Shibuya + Update

Soooo, I'm back in Korea now, I've had some crazy days! Sorry for not having posted here in a while, the internet has been mean and I've been very busy having fun!
I know I'm way behind with my blogging, but I'm thinking of just blogging day after day and continue my travel blogging in Sweden aswell.

I only have a few more days here in Seoul before I'll go back to Sweden.
Wanna know something crazy?
I'm going to Helsinki almost right after I've arrived in Sweden!! I'm gonna be sooo dead tired!
The main purpose of traveling to Finland is to celebrate my Uncle's 40th birthday, but I'll probably have some time for walking around in Helsinki too ^___^

Over to Japan!
I've done lots of things so I have A LOT to blog about!

Here's the upload of July 12th!

We decided to go to Shibuya that day for some shopping and such.
Near Shibuya station we found these guys playing. They were really talented.
I love when bands are playing on the streets of Tokyo!
I kinda like this photo!

Later on we were really tired so we went home to chill in our room.
I really liked my make-up that day!

While the guys (Hyo and my brother) went out to go gaming/buying groceries me and Agnes stayed home to blog and such.

They retured with 6 cheese burgers for me and Agnes to eat!!
Hahah, so many burgers!
This is what I bought that day!

A new cute dress with heart pattern, a can can hat I've been wanted for a long time, and a pair of shorts to wear under the skirt so that I'm always safe! ^___^
I was very pleased with my buys that day! Everything
was bought at Men's 109 in Shibuya. They
were very cheap!

I promise to update soon again, Internet is now working :) but I'll of course still be very busy.
So... bear with me, please!♥

Bye for now!


  1. When you going to Helsinki????
    I'm going on the 8th August

  2. Wish i was is Shibuya. It looks so awesome, im so jalous >o< Btw your right. Your makeup looks really beautiful ^^
    And the things you bought makes me even more jalous XD So cuuuute!
    xoxo MariaMay

  3. Woah, the stuff you bought looks great ♥ You have to take pictures wearing it

  4. I love that you bought so many pretty things in the Mens 109 hehe, I miss Shibuya so much!

  5. Sweet! I love your shopping picks-- especially the rufflies.

  6. lool the picture is the girl from the jap drama hotaru no hikari [good drama] shes so cute!!!!

  7. I'm glad to hear your flights have been safe. I'm really sorry we couldn't meet again TT On the 26th I had just returned from Tochigi and was so tired. And then I became depressed and didn't reply to emails...

    Well Thank you for meeting me the one time. And I love seeing your travel photos so much! I look forward to the next update.

  8. you bought pretty clothes. i read in sara maris blog that you met each other and she showed some puris :) you look so good ^^

  9. heyyy !! when you're coming to helsinki? it would be super to meet you or something ! ^^

  10. I love that dress~ You bought an entire outfit! (minus shoes x3)

    6 cheeseburgers? o_O Did you eat them all? X"D

  11. How many burguers! LOL! xDD I love your shopping :D Enjoy your trip!!!

  12. I also loved listening to the bands in the streets of Tokyo, some of them are really talented ♥

    The things you bought are really cute, I especially love the can can hat, it's adorable!

  13. omigosh.. my heart skipped when i saw your dress! i bet it will look super duper great on you!!!

  14. Your make-up looks great! OMG 6 cheeseburgers, so much >_<;; I definitely couldn't do it!

    Mens 109 does have some cheap ladies stores. Honeys is so cheap and love their cute items. Great buys!

    Hope you're having an absolutely lovely time in your travels.♥

  15. So many nice photos! & your make DOES look fantastic ♥
    Love the cute outfit you picked out & hope you have safe & happy travels~!


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