July 15, 2010

First Real Day in Tokyo - Shinjuku

We spent our first day in Shinjuku to hang around at game centers, shopping malls and izakayas.

We started off with eating at a ramen place.
Yannick, Jonas and Hyo waiting for their food.

Here's mine:
Ramen is always really delicious!

Later on we went to game centers to play the arcade games and take puricura pictures!
Hyo and me!

Agnes decorating our puricura pictures:
videoWe spent the rest of the night at an Izakaya.

Here's some of the things I bought that day!

Bye for now!


  1. U look so pretty in the puris! *_*
    and nice shopping! <3

  2. I want to eat ramen~ Looks soooo good~ <3

    Your puri are so cute~ I love your head ribbon!

    Nice purchases, I wish I could just buy egg magazine in a store here. =C

  3. oh nice shopping ^^ and the puricura are great =)

  4. yeah ramen are always the best :3
    the purikuras are very cute
    you are so beautiful ^^ and i´m not
    just saying that
    hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow as well

  5. nice purchase.... I love eating the ramen in Japan!!!!! and you are pretty in the puris~~~!!! puris ROX!!! hahaha....

    and nice haul!

  6. Great pictures! The ramen place seems nice, I like ramen but I feel too hot to eat it haha!

    Oh I remember those puri, you should them too me, I want to say how cute again!!

    I love those bottom eyelashes you picked out, bottom eyelashes are so useful and pretty. That reminds me, I should buy Egg...XD

  7. beautiful lashes! and your purikuras turned out very cute~

  8. I am so hungry for Ramen now!
    Your purikura is beautiful :D

  9. Criztinita: Thanks sweetie!<3

    Pony: It IS good! *___*
    Thank you~!

    liz_thardy: Yes, I love the eyelashes! *__* Thank you~!

    QueenB: Yes, I love ramen!<3
    Thank you! I really like them too :3
    Aaaw, thank you! It makes me happy to hear^^

    jellytelly_ri-chan: Thank you~~~!<3

    さらまり: Thanks hun! Hahah, yeah, it was kinda hot to eat it, but it's okay when they have Air Condition. ^___^
    I really like them too, I wish I bought more of them!

    chinsa: Yeah, I really like them!^^ Thank you~! I am pleased with them!

    Samispoon: Hahah, sorry! XD
    Thank you! :3


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