July 2, 2010

A friend, Bingsu and Gaming Center

Today I woke up waaay to late. I had a hard time sleeping last night, maybe I'm still jet-lagged?
I love hearing people speak Korean outside my window! This morning I heard someone shouting "Oppa~! Oppaaaa!", this is what a girl call an older male friend. It's so cute!^^
I really want to learn more Korean, it sounds so cute!

I didn't have much time to get ready so sadly my hair is very flat. But it's okay I guess since it's been raining all day. It would get ruined anyways.

We went to meet our friend Cecilia today and while waiting for her me and Hyo spent our time at a café and an underground market.

I'm drinking Green Tea Latte of course!

Cecilia got some birthday presents from us, a cute keyring and a CD from the Swedish band Kent that she likes.

We ate such delicious food! Hyo has some photos of it on his blog.

Later on we went to eat Bingsu, its a Korean dessert consited of shaved ice, frozen yogurt and various choice of topping and sauce.
This one is with green tea taste, red beans, rice cake, almond and banana.

Hyo and Cecilia at the Bingsu place called Red Mango.

I love this!
After eating the Bingsu we were all so full so we decided to spend some time at the gaming center.

Cecilia playing a music game.
I only bought one thing today, somehow it seems like I still can't shop because I'm afraid to spend money on things I don't want.
This pen is from Tony Moly. It's a goldish color that I can use in the corner of my eyes or as eyeshadow, I really like the color!
This is how it looks like on my hand. It looks lighter because my skin is a bit dark. White looks gray on me! >_<

I hope to shop some more tomorrow!
I've only been away for about two days and it feels like forever! Maybe it's because we've done so much on a short amount of time.

Bye for now!


  1. awwn the dessert looks sooo Good! i love red beans! looks like ure having fun in Korea!

  2. Det är roligt att höra hur kul ni har det ^^

    Jättekul att du bloggar direkt från resan, älskar sånt :D Fortsätt så jag har nåt att läsa haha XD


  3. Oh you are always showing me Korean food that I want to try! I love desserts and the Bingsu sounds like it has all the best kind of sweets^^

  4. foood! i always loved Korean food^^ the pics are nice! post more please :)

  5. Enjoy your trip! i have never eat korean food, but i wanna try it! it's look delicious! *_*

  6. I really want to find a bingsu place around here it looks fantastic!!

  7. wow the food look delicious. Nice photos :3


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