July 16, 2010

Home Party at Yuichiro's!

So last saturday our friend Yuichiro threw a party at his house. It's also the same house we're living in. He's sooo kind for letting us stay here!

He brought some friends over to eat, drink and have fun!
Later on we went to do some fireworks near a lake in Futako-Tamagawa.
It felt sooo Japanese!
The sake was running out, so we headed back to Yuichiro's house again.

There Hideyuki and Hiroyuki got an brilliant idea? They wanted to find Yuichiro's sisters old school uniform for me and Agnes to try! >_<

Well, I agreed at last, but I said I'd do it if Hiroyuki'd try it as well!!! He he he

Hiroyuki looking gorgeous in it!
He's rocking it! XD

Yuichiro making a sad face. I don't know why! XD

When some of us fell a sleep me and some of the guys played Famicon! So nostalgic!<3>
Over all, I had an awesome night! I also made som new friends!

Bye for now!


  1. You look so cute in the uniform! :P
    Looks like a really nice time!

  2. haha the uniform is so cute :D
    Looks like you're having a lot of fun!
    Enjoy it!♥

  3. Oh so this is when your shirt got a burn in it. It looks like a super fun way to spend the evening!

    I agree, your friend is so rocking that school uniform XD haha!

  4. awh you look great in the uniform <3 i love seifuku!
    and famicom! woow!!

  5. Haha, looks like you had too much fun! Plus how romantic going to the water and having fireworks. Truly is dreamy I bet :D

  6. Hiroyuki looks so funny in the uniform, but you suit it so well hehe XD

  7. Ahhhh Nintendo! Vilka minnen, kommer ihåg när man var tvungen att blåsa på dem :D

  8. Hi there!!
    Wow now i miss drinking and having fun with friends :(
    bwt, im a new follower
    and you are stunning!
    hope to hear more from you real soon!
    my best regards! :D

  9. Angel: Hahah, thank you!^^ Yeah, it was! I had so much fun!

    Kanako_ageha: Thank you! It was actually in really good quality, soo beautiful!
    Yes, I am!^^
    Thank you~!

    さらまり: Hahah, yes, it was!
    Heheh, yeah, she was really cute in it^^

    Sofia: Heheh, thanks sweetie!<3

    Bianca: Yes, I had! XD yes, it felt so Japanese!

    Samispoon: Hahaha, yeah, he seemed to enjoy wearing it! XD Thank you~!

    Madde: Hahah, jag med! Älskar Super nintendo!

    Saving Capulet: Hi there!^^ Thanks for following! I hope you'll enjoy it!
    Thank you~!<3


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