July 12, 2010

Last Days in Korea and first day in Japan

I thought I'd make a post of tre days because I didn't take much pictures and I'm waaay behind my posting! >____< ----- We were so tired this day so we didn't get out that early. But we decided to go to a Cat Café me, my brother and his girlfriend Agnes. The cats were soo cute there!^^ They seemed to have a good life there with all the attention and private spaces to sleep in.
Later on we met our friends Cecilia and Ringo to eat som Bingsu.

Ringo got a present from me and Hyo. She got a Kent CD because she loves that Swedish band.

After having eaten the Bingsu we went for some Karaoke and afterwards a bar to eat and drink. We had so much fun!

We finished the night with drinking outside Family Mart before going home.
It's soo Korean!XD
My brother looks funny in this picture!


Next day and last day

We went to Myeongdong again because we felt we didn't get enough shopping in Korea before going to Japan.

We met these cuties!
They had a Free-hugs-sign so I gave all of them hugs!
I told Hyo to pose beside them.

The food of the day. Some omurice-thing with chicken.
It was pretty decent.


Arrival in Japan

We had to wake up sooo early it wasn't even funny! But we arrived in Japan safetly.

First meal in Japan was at Yoshinoya, my meal was Gyuudon, it was really good!

We met som really nice guys that helpt us find Nathalie and Yannick's hostel. Zino and Yuuji.

Later on we went to drink at a bar to hang out with the guys we met.
We we so tired that day but we had to wait 'til midnight for our friend to finish work because we are living at his place.
This day wasn't really special, but okay I guess :)

Bye for now!


  1. Your Korean posts have been so cool I cant wait to see what you get up to in Japan! :D
    And wow I didnt know there was such thing as a giraffe kigu!! My mum would want one haha

  2. Cat cafés are so cute~ Even though I have my own cat, I still want to visit one.

    I love the girls in the kigurumi, so cute!~

  3. You are making me so hungry all the time posting all the bingsu photos! Hehe^^ and that is so interesting in Korea that they drink outside the Family Mart.

    It sounds like you were so busy and awake a long time on your first day in Japan. I hope you're having lots of fun and enough rest^^/

  4. It looks like you are having such a great time out there! Enjoy Japan!!

    (http://ravecandyprincess.blogspot.com/2010/07/holiday-post-sorry-it-will-be-long-so.html gave you a blog award here because I enjoy your blog so much!)

  5. Awhh. That cat is cute~ :D And that Bingsu looks soo good! I hope you have a good time in japan~

  6. Eeeep! Your blog posts are so interesting and the food always looks amazing. I honestly can say I am addicted to your posts ^_______^ I read all the recents ones but it wasn't enough so I had to go through ALL of them!

    You and your boyfriend are so cute together, and you are so so so pretty!

    Looks like and sounds like your having an amazing time. I really hope to visit japan and Korea one day!!

    Looking forward to more posts!



  7. wow the icecream looks absolutely colourful and soo yummmy, I am dribbling >___< hope it was delicious.

  8. Killen med piercad läpp är ju sjukt söt! Har precis börjat läsa din blogg ^^ Är han din pojkvän?


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