July 11, 2010

Myeongdong & Seoul Tower (and also about Make-up stores)

Internet is finally working! Yay!^^ I have lots to catch up now! I still haven't posted the days in Seoul.
This day in Seoul was really intense and exciting. We went to Myeongdong which is known for it's great shopping. It's near Seoul Tower so we went there too.

Outfit of the day, simple hair as it was really hot that day.

As soon as Hyo and I went to Myeongdong we got soo hungry we just had to eat right away!
We ate Tonkatsu, I know, it's Japanese, but ir's really good!
Hyo we satisfied with his food. Unfortunatly I didn't take any pictures of our food, but Hyo did.

The shopping!

I've heard so much about Korean make-up brands, so I thought I might show you some of the stores they have in Myeongdong.

The Face Shop - Sorry, don't know much about it yet.
Tony Moly- one of my favorites.
I bought an eyeshadow pencil which I love!

Etude House - This store is soo cute and their make-up too.
It's very girlish and pink^^ I've only bought a powder from them. It's pretty good.
Missha - I've heard they have good B.B Cream.

Skin Food
- They use natural ingredients.
The brand name creeps me out though! Sounds weird!

Holika Holika - It seems like it's a new korean make-up brand.
They have such cute design on the make-up and the stores. The girls working there are wear very cute outfits in purple like cute witches.
I bought a BB Cream foundation there and also an eyeshadow. It's pretty good actually!
Amazing building!


After having done someshopping we ate some Korean pancake, not sure about the name of them, but it was reaaally good!

After wards it was time to go by cable care to Seoul Tower which is located on a mountain near Myeongdong.

Soo scary, but at the same time very beautiful!

Seoul Tower.
I'm very proud of these photos!

Inside Seoul Tower people had put these with cute messages and photos.

Outside below Seoul Tower couples had locked messages and promises on the fence. There were so many!

Hyo and me just had to do it too, it's too cute and romantic! I love these kind of cheesy things!
Getting dark.

Yupp, we ate again, but in Hongdae. I ate ice noodles, they were really good. Sounds weird huh? But it's great on a hot summer day.
Hyo and Adams food.

Hahaha, this photo is too good!
Yannick and Adam.

This is what I bought!

Cheap things from Daiso, the 1000won store.
A headband to wear at home.

My new foundation from Holika Holika and some freebies.
Weeeell, lots of them!

Bye for now!


  1. i wish i was there! i used to go to myeongdong around twice a week. i love shopping there. have fun during your stay!

  2. Looks like it was so much fun! You bought so many cute and usefull things. I especially love the headband! It's in my favourite color~

    Have fun on the rest of your trip~

  3. i really like your posts about korea. i think i must go there somday too. i like your outfit and the food look so delicious :) are the pancakes like okonomiyaki?

  4. I LOVE Myeongdong and Seoul Tower!! Some of the greatest places to be!! You guys should go to Busan and Jeju Island some time.

  5. It looks really nice, all the cosmetic shops have lots of customers! There's too many to choose from, I'd get confused haha^^

    The Seoul Tower seems like a great tourist spot, you took nice photos! And I think its reall sweet you and Hyo Chan added a message on that fence.

  6. I especially love the pictures you took from the Seoul Tower. So beautiful! *__*

  7. wow S korea looks like a lot of fun i wanna go some day :)

  8. your trip seems so wonderful :) really enjoyed this post

  9. The cosmetics stores in South Korea looks so much more appealing than those here! O:

  10. Just an fyi: Skin Food has sooo many good products! Definitely check out their Creamy Cheese Mask! I know it sounds gross, but it's very moisturizing and makes your skin look and feel crazy great! Their Cucumber Soothing Mask is also really nice. ^^
    Hope you're having fun in Korea!

  11. Lovely post. Korea looks wonderful!
    I wanna shop in those make up stores, looks so great ^^

    I love the blue headband you bought !

  12. Seoul looks awesome I'm so jealous that you went the food looks so god!


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