July 1, 2010

So much to tell!

Oh my god... so much has happend this day I don't even know where to begin!
So the day started with with Hyo and I going to meet his birth mother for the first time. Later on we ate at a restaurant to celebrate our 1 year engagement. In evening we went to partying at our guesthouse with lots of nice people, we also went to the club later on.

There are so many cool buildings here! This one is in Hongdae where we live.

Subway in Seoul is sooo clean and nice!

Tony Moly! It's an Korean make-up store. I wanna buy some things there, but maybe later.

Hyo waiting to meet his birth mother.

We were searching for a restaurant to eat at and we saw such beautiful designs inside the buildings in Gangnam.

The apitizer at the restaurant.

We ate pasta as the main dish, it was really good!

Green Smart! Hahah, they had like a small garden under a roof from a bif building. I thought it was cool! ^^
Almost everybody from the party

Hyo, Jonas (my brother)and Nathalie.
Yannick and me.
A cute girl I met from Singapor.
Crazy korean guy! He was really funny ^___^
Everyone, I think XD
We were going to the club. Unfortunatly we could take any pictures inside.

Afterwards we ate mandu.

It was soooo good!

The nice man making the Mandu.

Wow, sorry! There's too many photos. Maybe I should choose less next time. I guess I'm just overexcited! I'm having so much fun here!

Bye for now!


  1. nice photos! share more pics please :)

  2. Too many photos?? I don't think so sweetie! Your photos are wonderful! <3

    It sounds like you're having so much fun so far~~ :D

  3. It's not too many photos at all! It was so great to see all your fabulous photos. It seems you are having such a wonderful time, I'm glad to hear that!

    The party seems fine, so many nice friends with you. And the Mandu looks yummy, it makes me want to go to Korea^^

  4. Looooving this photos! Please continue =) Love love!!

  5. What a crazy group of friends to go on a trip with. Glad you're having fun though :D

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