August 5, 2010

3 Outfits

I thought I'd make a different post and collect 3 outfits instead.

First outfit is from our second day in Tokyo.
Dress and bolero: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Skopunkten
Bag: Mall in Dongdaemun in Seoul
Usamimi: Store in Hondae in Seoul

This outfit is from one of the days in Shibuya.
I wore my half wig and I wasn't really sure about my hairdo that day.
Top: Store in London
Shorts: Cubus

Me with my favorite green tea latte from Starbucks!
As I said before I wasn't really sure about my hair, but I was really pleased with my make-up! ^___^

This outfit is from the day we went clubbing.
It's not perfect because I didn't have any black shoes with me or a black bag, but I really wanted to wear my new dress I bought in Shibuya 109.
I guess I was a bit inspired by mode gyaru style.

Dress: XOXO - Kiss Kiss
Lace Top: One Way
Shoes: Borrowed from Agnes♥

Bye for now!


  1. love your shibuya outfit!! ♥

  2. Your dress in the first picture is cute!

    U look good in this outfit!

  3. ahh i love the half wig on you it looks good *_*

  4. you look so cute. i like all of your styles :)

  5. love your first outfit !!! you look so cute !

  6. Adorable codes! ♥ & I agree, the half wig does look really nice on you!

  7. yayy ♥-♥
    I really love you outfit !
    > <
    Im THAI and in Thailand hair prop an alll clothes are very cheap ~ XD
    but I want to go to Shibuya to buy w♥c and SLY shoes X)
    super love you second day in Tokyo ♥

    I'm ♥ your blog !
    see ya !♥

  8. du är så fin!! <3
    och xoxo kisskiss har så underbara klänningar <3 ^^

  9. Great outfits!
    :) Your make up looked very nice too.

  10. You say that you weren't sure of your hair style and you hadn't to be because your hair style was so BEAUTIFUL, I really like this hair style *0* So Sweet and class chignon !

  11. Looking fabulous! Your legs look great and those highwaisted shorts are amazing on you! I admit total envy that you and I are the same height, but your legs are so much longer. I shall admire from afar :D

  12. I really like your blog :3 I wish you could update more often~

  13. Isn't Shibuya the most amazing city in the world?

  14. Chinsa: Thank you~!<3

    Raspberry Jam: Thank you! I really like it too^^

    Shanna: Really?^^ You think?

    Connys World: Aaw, thank you!<3

    Ran: Thank you! ^___^

    Tori: Thank you! Maybe I'm just not used to it. :)

    aommie: Thank you~!
    I guess you have many nice things in Thailand. We have nice things here but not as much as in Asia^^

    Thank you!<3 I'm happy you like it!^^

    liz_thardy: Thank you! :)

    Rika: Aaw, tack söto! Jaa, verkligen!<3

    Vivien: Thank you! ^___^

    Yoshi: Really?^^ I think I might try to wear it more so that I'll get used to it :)

    Mitsu: Aaaw, thanks hun!<3 I really love high-waist shorts and skirts!
    Haha, that makes two of us! ^___^

    Emerie: Thank you! I'm so happy you like it! I'll try to update as much as possible!<3

    Lisa: Yes, one of my favorite districts of Tokyo!<3

  15. Aaw, thank you so much!♥ I'm happy you like it!

  16. You are TOO cute!



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