August 11, 2010

Asakusa - July 14th

Sorry for being away... again! Hahah, actually I went to Helsinki over the weekend!
I know some of you wanted to meet me, but I'm sorry, I didn't have the time to meet anyone this time :( But I'd love to come back soon again and hopefully meet some of you there! It would be so much fun to meet some Finnish gyarus too! ^___^

I'll try to post my photos from this weekend soon!♥


I'm still posting photos from Japan as there are sooo many I didn't post!

Here's the photos from 14th of July when me and Hyo went to meet our friend Tsuyoshi in Asakusa.
Asakusa is a district where you can see a lot of nice traditional Japanese buildings like Sensouji Temple and the gate Kaminarimon.
We thought we wanted to be real tourists that day!
This is Kaminarimon!
We were going to meet Tsuyoshi there.
I'm eating an onigiri while waiting.

Finally we found eachother!
Here's Hyo and Tsuyoshi standing in the market that leads to the temple Sensouji.

Katana! And lots of them!

Sensouji Temple
We threw some money there and wished and afterwards bought this for luck.
You're supposed to wear it somewhere like in your wallet for luck with good health.

There was a place in the market where they had soft cream with many different flavors!
Tsuyoshi tried the rose flavored one.
I chose a grape flavored one.
Asahi buildning. It looks like a glass of beer!
Quite cool huh?^^
We ended the day with some karaoke of course!♥

Bye for now!


  1. I visited Asakusa at night.

    No tourists.....just drunks and strange people waltzing home or wherever. It was surreal.

  2. Oooo this post brings a tear to my eye, I stayed in Asakusa when I visited last year! It's such a lovely place

  3. Heej! :)

    Jag ska köpa circle lenses, men jag undrar vilken linsvätska man använder till linserna? använder man linsvätska till mjuka linser? är circle lenses mjuka linser? :o

    Skulle vara jätte tacksam för svar! ^^

  4. Lovely photos as always~! ♥

  5. Old Cow: It must have been! I've been there on hanabi matsuri. It was sooo crowded! 2 miljon people!

    Samispoon: Aaw! It is! ^____^

    Mimmii: Jag har faktiskt ingen aning. :O jag köper bara vanlig linsvätska med multi-purpose. Brukar säga till dem som jobbar där att det är till färgade linser :) Jag använde ReNu av Bausch & Lomb. Det funkar bra och är rätt billigt.

    Tori: Thanks sweetie<3


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