August 28, 2010

Doing Anything but Shopping in IKEA!

Hi everyone!
A few days ago I met my friend Hanna and her friends. We where supposed to have a gaming-girls-evening, but we changed the planes and went to a shopping mall instead! ^__^
My look was very simple.
We were all starving, so the first thing we did was to head into IKEA to eat some cheap food.
Meatballs. Typical Swedish dish.
Afterwards we had the idea of taking weird photos in the store because they had rooms that looked like real private rooms.
Me sipping some coffee in my fake-room.
This one is my favorite! Hahaha! Hanna looks so weird!
I guess we're like children. We can have fun in a furniture store! XD
Later on we went for some real shopping, well, I didn't buy anything, but I like to plan on buying things!

Me and Hanna rocking the nerd glasses.
Afterwards we went home to Hanna to eat some ice cream and to do make-up and hair on each other for fun.
I decided to make a hairstyle on Victoria because she has such thick and long hair! *___*
So here's the result!

I had to hurry up with it because I had so go home early because I had work the next day, but I was kind of pleased with it anyways.

Bye for now! 


  1. Wow, you did her hair PERFECT! ♥ She has such gorgeous hair anyway though *jealous* lol~
    Looks like it was a fun girls' evening though, & omfg I LOVE LOVE your shoes ♥

  2. The hair of your friend looks adorable!

    love it!


  3. Her hair turned out really well!
    I think IKEA would be a great place to have fun too~~

  4. Can you do a tutorial on the hair :o ?I really don't get how you doin' it.

  5. Her hair looks so pretty~!
    Lol, I also dog those 'homes'~~

  6. Oh that looks like such a fun day! I don't think its childish at all to play around in Ikea haha! I would too!

    And you did a great job styling her hair, you are so good at curling hair!

  7. omg, you girls are soo gorgeous! i love hannah's outfit, love victoria's hair o.o and i loovee your super cuteness <3


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