August 19, 2010

Emoda Commercial

Emoda recently made a CM. Emoda is a gyaru brand that carries the gyaru style Mode Gyaru.
I'm so in love with Emoda and Ena Matsumoto's style!

Bye for now!


  1. awww häftigt, nice stil o awesome song, vill ha låten lol^^

  2. i like mode gyaru^^
    and yes sometimes when i cannot sleep i go in my bath room and try some make up and hairstyle XD..until i get a photo what i like haha XD

  3. I love EMODA tooo!! Sooo affordable and CUTE and mature classy <3

  4. I love her and the CM as well~ It really fits the brand :)

  5. Great commercial :)
    Ena is lovely, she always catches my eye when I see her in mags ^^

  6. Though I'm not too much into Mode myself, this cm and the coordiantes are gorgeous ♥ The song is lovely, too, do you know if there is/will be a full version?

    And Ena definitely is one of the most beautiful models I've seen!

  7. Carol: Visst är hon grym!^^

    Shanna: Me too!<3
    Haha, it's quite fun :3

    Tori: I knoooow!<3

    AmbiBambi: Yeaaah, so fab! I just wished that had bigger sizes :(

    Sandee: Yeah, I think so too :3

    Tasja: I agree, she's fabulous!<3

    Mikki: No clue actually, sorry :(
    I think so too! Very stylish!


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