August 1, 2010

Karaoke and Izakaya in Shinjuku

So, I finally arrived in Sweden!
It actually feels great to be home and the travel from Seoul to Stockholm wasn't that bad either!
I honestly slept through the whole trip! Quite amazing! Hahah, I was dead tired.

Anyways, from now on I'll try to keep up the blogging as much as possible.
I'm sorry, I didn't answer your comments during the trip. I didn't have the time.
But I'll have plenty of time from now on!<3
So here's some photos from July 13th!
We were going to meet some friends in Shinjuku that day for Karaoke and Izakaya. Me, Hyo, my brother and Agnes decided to hang out in Shinjuku until meeting them later that day.

Studio Alta

It's a shopping complex with lots of gyaru stores. They have gyaru brand stores like Liz Lisa, Mars, Cecil McBee. I really like it!
Cute Agnes!
Her hair was ADORABLE that day! It really suits her.
The guys hanging out!
They wanted to wear the same glasses that day 8D
Later on we went to eat. I chose one of my favorites, Katsudon.
Me and Agnes.
She bought that head band at Studio Alta. It looks so good on her!
Meeting our friends to go for karaoke!
Hyo and Kohta choosing songs.
Crazy about karaoke! :D

Later on we went to an Izakaya for some beer, drinks and food.
It looked really nice! This is the hallway to the restrooms!

We met these guys randomly at the karaoke place and the wanted to hang out with us. They barely spoke any English, but it was really fun hanging out with them.

Bye for now!


  1. Så roligt att du är hemma igen! jag vill träffa dig snart jue!:D

  2. Jag vill också träffa dig nån dag. ^^
    Kommer inte ens ihåg när vi träffades sist.. >_>

  3. oh looks like you had a great time, and yes!! katsudon is my favorite Japanese dish too!! katsudon and tiger prawn tempuraa! now im hungry ._.

  4. Amazing pictures, I really want to try Katsudon now!

  5. Ditt leende känns så fake. Jag vet att du försöker se ut som i de japanska tidningarna, men det blir inte alls äkta, utan istället väldigt tillgjort. Trist! Få till ett mer naturligt leende, ditt egna och inte "någon annans".

  6. It always seems so fun hanging out with random strangers :)
    I really wanna go to Japan, haha :D

  7. LOL Studio Alta? Alta er jo en liten bygd i nord-norge.. oh, the irony ^^

    Hei fra Norge btw ;D


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