August 14, 2010

New Shoes and Inception

Do you wanna know what I bought..?
New shoes!!!
Actually I'm very poor right now, but I couldn't resist them!
I bought them from Monki for only 100kr! (That's like 11euro)
Sooooo cheap! I'm really in love with them!

Cinema: Inception
Me and Hyo went to see Inception today.
What a great movie! Very intelligent!
I just HAD to wear my new shoes!
I kinda like this outfit.
I got this dress second hand, made a few changes and the dress looks great.

My hair style died quickly, but here's a photo of my make-up.
I tried some new lower false lashes I bought at Don Quixote in Japan.
I really like them! I just wish I bought more of this model. T_T

Bye for now!


  1. Hi :)
    nice outfit!

    Would you mind telling what brand those lower lashes are in your next blog entry or at my blog?
    thanks :)

  2. I love the lashes, the shoes, your make up.. everything ;D
    And I thought for a moment that this is an engagement ring on your finger in the last picture. xD

  3. I love the shoes! I'm currently poor too.. D:!

  4. I looove your shoes! They are so cute!!

    Also, love the outfit! I can't wait to see Inception!

  5. You look AMAZING bb~~!! ♥ Gorgeous outfit, accessories & make!
    Loving the shoes too, so perfect for fall :D

  6. cutee shoes! I want a pair of wedges like that myself! :) wow the dress looks amazing as well!

  7. Those shoes are awesome, I would buy them too if I had the chance hehe^^ I love your outfit and makeup, its so well put together!

  8. i love the outfit and shoes!!! ♥

    your eyes are sooo pretty and the lower eyelashes look so natural! i like!

  9. Meine Got ! I love your new shoes ^^ are so pretty *.* !

    and your outfit is great =)

  10. your headband is so cool!! and i love your make up, it's always very pretty~♥

    and wow those shoes, so nice and soo CHEAP!

  11. you look fantastic!! I am in love with those shoes too! I can see why you got them~

  12. I love the shoes! Are they uncomfortable to walk in?

  13. Raspberry Jam: Thank you! I've very pleased with them!

    Gittøh~: Thank you^^
    Sure! I'll try to post a pic of them :)
    They're bought at Don Quixote in Japan.

    Kira: Thank you~!^___^ I'm happy you like it!
    Actually, it is XD

    Tamara: Me too!^^ Sucks to be poor!

    MandarinPanda: Yeah, ain't they!?<3
    Thank you~!<3

    Tori: Thanks hun!<3 I was really pleased with it! Thank you so much!

    さらまり: I knooow! I love them so much!
    Thanks sweetie!<3

    CHAIGYARU: Thanks hun!<3 Naaaw, thank you~! You're too kind! I love my lower lashes!

    LIZ_THARDY: I know! They are made of awesome!<3
    Thank youuu!^^

    Saving Capulet: I think so tooo<3

    Samispoon: I love them!<3

    Chinsa: Aaw, thank you!<3 I'm happy you like it! I was pleased with it!
    I know!*___*

    Amelie: Thank you so much!<3 I love them too!

    ☆ steph ☆ :Yes, they actuallt are!:3


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