August 14, 2010

♥Sleep Over at Malin's♥

Me and Malin haven't seen each other since I went to Korea and Japan so we decided to have a sleep over at Malin's place.

Malin came up with the perfect idea that we should have a facial treatment time together!

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These are the products we used!

Afterwards we made some smoothie and cut some watermelon to eat while watching a movie.

Everyone's been talking about this movie called The Notebook and I haven't seen it so this it was we chose to watch.
I really like this photo!

Next morning
This is what we made for breakfast!
Two sandwiches with shrimp salad
and green tea latte I had brought with me from Japan.

Later on we went to downtown to walk around in the shops before I had to leave.
I bought something new, but it's a secret for now! I'll show you in my next post!

Bye for now!


  1. Awe, looks like such a fun & cute girls night~! ♥
    Watermelon is the best, haha~

  2. you girls are so gorgeous! and i love how you lovelies passed the junk food for healthy stuff! :D

  3. I love sleepovers! And I love The Notebook, its actually one of my favorite movies :)

  4. So cute!
    I want a matcha latte now too!

  5. You two are so sweet! I love your cute face and her blue eyes a lot!! <3


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