August 19, 2010

Up Late... Again

Why do I always get so creative and inspired during midnight?

This time I wanted to try a new what of wearing a scarf!
I also wanted to improve my make-up.
I'm kind of pleased with my make-up and the scarf doesn't look that bad either.
What do you think?

Bye for now!


  1. I'm not sure about the scarf, but your make up looks great. I'm awake as well!


  2. You're up late too?^^ I guess I'm not alone then!
    I guess it's a matter of taste, 'cus I'm kinda starting to like it!
    Thank you~!<3

  3. I like this look ^^ you look so cute =3

  4. it looks so good on you. great style and i like your lashes :)

  5. looks great on you... which lashes are you wearing?

  6. I get inspired at midnight too, haha.

  7. Snyygt ju :D luv it <3 älskar sminket så mkt
    du har fin hy. Va e de för puder du använder o va för kräm för ansikte använder du som skydd mot sminket??? <3

  8. You look gorgeous bb ♥
    Few can pull off the scarf-tied-at-the-side but you do it perfectly! Your make looks so perfect too~ really lovely ♥

  9. you look gorgeous in these photos!

  10. ome what eyeshaddow is that?? very cute!!

  11. nice <333 love love love love love it all!
    och ja, man blir ALLTID som mest inspirerad på natten o_o

  12. stunning look love! the scarf is the perfect touch <3

  13. All is perfect, very nice, make-up and scarf ! ^o^

  14. How long have you been wearing circle lenses?
    And how do you take care of them? Do you only soak them in solution? And how long do you wear them each day? Have your eyesight become worse?

    Thanks for a good blog! :) You're really pretty! :)

  15. Great makeup. And it looks cute with the scarf ^^

    I'm always up late to...

  16. You look so much like Suzanne !!

  17. jujmo: Thank you~!

    Ken: Naaw, thanks Ken! ^__^

    LIZ_THARDY: thanks sweetie!<3

    jellytelly_ri-chan: I'm happy you like it!<3

    Mandie: Thank youuuuu!<3

    Connys World: Thank you!^^

    Miss Krimson: I'm wearing lashes by R Brand and they're bought at Don Quixote in Japan :)

    diyanahomie: Heheh, it's the best time, right?^^

    Carol: Aaaw, tack så mycket söto!
    Alltså, jag har inte så ba hy, blixten gör väl att min hy ser bra ut, annars använder jag bara Maybellienes Liquid Minerals foundation och Garniers hudcreme (en rosa rund burk). Pudret är från Etude House (koreanskt märke), fungerar som vanligt puder typ :P Inget speciellt direkt.
    Förlåt att jag inte kunde va till så stor hjälp, men om man vill leva på budget och ändå ha bra hudprodukter rekommenderar jag Garniers hudvårdsserie. :3

    Cale: Thanks hun!<3

    AmbiBambi: It's a 3 color eyeshadow by Canmake
    That one in Golden Brown and I used this one by Tony Moly for the hightlighting:

    Sofia: Tack söto!<3 Hahah, undra varför?

    Saving Capulet: Thank you~! Yeah, I actually like it!

    Yoshi: Thank you~!<3 I feel happy that I feel like I'm improving :3

    Anonymous: Since 1 year ago :) and no, my eye sight is the same, still perfect.
    I keep them in a contactlens solution which I also clean them with when ever I put them on.
    I don't wear them everyday, I try to rest my eyes and be careful. Actually you're supposed to wear them less than 6 hours a day, but I wear them longer than that. But I use eyedrops whenever my eyes get dry and take them of if they start to irritate my eyes.
    I hope you got your answers :3

    Aaw, thank you! I'm so happy you enjoy it!<3

    Frost Gun: Thank you~!<3

    Tori: Hahah, really?^^ But she's waaay cuter than me! But thanks! X3

  18. jaha ok,men iallafall tack för tipset ^^ ne men jag har testat olika hudvårdskrämer men dem jag har testat hittils fungerar inte bra. Så ska ge Garnier produkterna ett försök o se om de hjälper lol :) <3

  19. Ingen fara, jag hoppas det hjälper. De är i alla fall inte dyra, så skulle det inte fungera går inte så mycket pengar till spillo :)


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