September 10, 2010

First Day in Osaka - July 19th

I thought I might make another post from my trip to Japan. It's been a while since I did it and I'm probably boring you guys out with many outfit posts! Hahah! Sorry!
This time I'm doing my first post from Osaka. During our trip in Osaka Internet was reaaaally bad and so instable it was impossible to do any post at all!
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We arrived in Osaka early in the morning, but it was already VERY hot and the cicadas were singing so loudly!
Neither of us had ever been to Osaka so we were all clueless. The day started of with trying to use the subway to go to our hotel. This was really hard work! We had so much luggage with us and the subway in Osaka didn't seem to have that many escalators inside the subway. But after a lot of effort we manage to get to our Hotel.

We weren't allowed to check in until 3 a clock I think so we went to go checking out the neighborhood. We went to a café to cool off with a cold drink. Two other westerners at the café seemed lost in translation so I thought I might help them. I'm not that good at Japanese, but I felt very good that I could help other people using the little Japanese I know! ^___^

After having checked in me and Hyo were sooo tired that we just fell asleep instantly!
 Later on we made ourselves ready to meet up with the others to go to a district called Namba.
I really like the concept of having many shops and restaurants under roof like this. It's kinda cozy!
As soon as we got there me and Hyo went to eat something.
We ended up in a Korean restaurant!
The food was delicious!
We ordered the same meal: Bibimbap!
It's really good! The idea is to mix everything in the bowl. It contains different kinds of things like seaweed, vegetable, meet and rice. If you want you can also add some of the red sauce to spice it up.

I was really bad at taking photos that day. Maybe it was because I was so tired after the long night bus trip?
Anyways, after the food we went to a gaming center and afterwards an izakaya before going back to the hotel.
Japan has some of the most delicious sundaes! So I just had to get one while we where at the Izakaya.

Sooo freakin' delicious with mango!

This Day's Buys

First of all, I found THE most awesome underwear set!
I usually don't post my underwear here, but these are just amazingly cute! I wish I had bought more because it was only like 500yen... 500YEN! That's like nothing for a bra and panties!

Next item is awesome too. Can you guess what it is?
It's soft sponge balls that you roll up your hair with to make it curly. I use them a lot! I almost never curl with a curling iron anymore. I just blow dry my hair, put them in my hair, do my make up and vóila! I have curly hair!
What's funny about these is that everyone that see me wear them laughs really hard. Hahahah!

Next item is a lipstick.
It's from Canmake and the lipstick is called Melty Nude, color nr 3. This lipstick make my lips a pinkish nude color which I really like.

This is how it looks like on my lips:
I'm very pleased with it! I can also use it under my other lipstick to cover my own lip color to achieve a brighter color.

While blogging about Osaka I'm starting to miss it a lot! I grew really found of this city. People are so nice and I felt that they were more laid back than people in Tokyo. I want to go back soon again.

Bye for now! 


  1. Haha, really? ^____^
    Heheh, I'm happy you like it! I still have a lot to blog about!
    It was! *__* I know! I love Ravijour's underwear!
    Thank you~! I've never liked my skin tone before, but I'm kinda starting to feel comfortable being tanned^^ I guess Lolita made me want to be pale. :(

  2. Me too! T__T I miss it a lot!

    Thank you ^___^ I like nude lips!
    You should get them! I recommend it!

  3. Hahah, that's funny! They're great, don't you think?^^
    I love them too!♥

  4. Thank you! That first picture really makes me wanna go back! T_T
    You think so? ^___^ I'm really pleased with this lipstick!

    Hahha, you should! They're great if you want to curl your hair without any heat ^__^ and it's pretty fast and easy to make :3

  5. I'm not in Osaka right now, but yes, I had a great time there! ^___^
    They are! *__* Haha, I'm sorry!

  6. I love kimchi!♥ Hehe, me too, I miss Korean food so much!
    Canmake as a make-up brand is awesome! It never lets me down!

  7. Me too, I want to go back! I had too little days in Osaka! T_T

    Hahah, they actually do! You should! You only need to have damp/hot hair before you roll then on to your hair :)

  8. You should try it! Korean food is really delicious!♥ Haha, I'm sorry!
    It was *___*

    I'm happy I bought it! Heheh, I recommend it!
    I like it too~

  9. It is! You should try it! ^___^
    It was! *___* Sooo delicious!
    It's difficult sometimes :(


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