September 3, 2010

Inspired by Agejo

Yupp, I go inspired at midnight... again! Hahah, I don't know, it's my inspiration time!
This time I wanted to achieve an agejo-like style. Usually it's not really my type of style, but for some reason I got inspired and wanted to try it. Maybe I'm growing some love for it?

I gave my wig another shot to do the agejo hair and it came out quite well actually.
I also like how my make-up turned out.
This time I tried to contour my nose very lightly because I wanted to achieve a sharper look. Usually I don't do it, I only highlight it because I already have a high nose. But I think this light contouring looks good :) It doesn't show that good in these photos though.
 I also tried my dress I bought on sale at Delyle in Osaka. I haven't used it yet, but I will!♥
 It was only 1000yen so I couldn't resist!

Bye for now! 


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    i like the wig hair style :) !

    and the dress is awesome!

  2. u look so amazing with that perfect makeup and dress!

  3. AGE-JO! <333 And I LOVE the hair!

    It's so difficult for me to style and get my hair like that. =( With the many layers and thin strips just flowing to the side. Wonder if there's a tutorial somewhere...

  4. oh, how super cute~~ really like erything about it, but especially th esuperlong hair and the supersweet dress :33

  5. The hair style and the make-up look really great on you!
    And the dress was such a great find, it's super lovely ♥

  6. Your hair looks super! And the dress is so cute <3

  7. looks extremely cute ^_^!!

    btw. i'm a new follower =D hihi xoxo.

  8. You're very beautiful and the dress really suits you. ^^


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