September 7, 2010

Mori Gyaru Outfit

Today I was inspired to try out some Mori Gyaru. Mitsu wrote about it in her blog a while ago and I was so inspired by it! 
It's originally two styles combined. Gyaru and Mori Girl. Mori Girl style goes under earthy natural style which I really like! And combined with gyaru style it's PERFECT! In Mori Gyaru you have the elements of mori and gyaru together.

This time I was also inspired to try some of Yui Kanno's signature hairstyles:
She's one of my absolute favorite gyaru model, I really love her look! She takes on Mori Gyaru really well in my opinion!

So here's what I came up with today!
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I really liked my make-up, I just wish I had had the time to put on some falsies and put some more time in doing my hair. I was in a rush (as always) to school. But I kinda like it anyways!
My outfit was very cosy.

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The outfit is not perfect, but I like it anyways. If I had any I'd wear brown shoes instead.
This outfit is veeery comfortable and I feel comfortable wearing this style! ^____^

Bye for now! 


  1. wow, you pretty much nailed the hair right there. thats not your first attempt is it?

  2. Heheh, thank you! ^^ I was kinda pleased with it!
    Actually, it is :3


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