September 22, 2010

School Trip at the Museum

I'm sorry! I've been sooo lazy lately. Well, I've had work and school work to do, but still, laaaazzyyy!
I have a test on Friday and I'll probably be a bit absent until that.
Anyways, I thought I might post yesterday's photos and outfit/make-up photos.
We had a small school trip with our classmates and teachers! It felt just like elementary school again! Hahaha ^___^

We took the buss together and ended up here... the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm!
My classmate Madlen approves!
The reason we went there is because we're studying a science course for junior-level teachers.

 We saw an epic piece of a tree there! That tree is from 470 B.C! That's just crazy!
We saw an exhibition about the human evolution. 
This Neanderthal women looked very real and human.
I'm sorry if I'm boring you out! But I think it's kinda cool^^

Later on we went downtown to go for some shopping in Stockholm! This is also when I had the time to take better outfit and make-up photos.

So this is my outfit of the day!
I used my newly self-ripped jeans that day. I think it turned out kinda okay ^__^
I took the photo in the changing room at H&M. I kinda regret that I didn't buy that khaki cardigan.

My make-up of the day:
I had to hurry a lot that morning so it didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. It's okay I guess.

I ended up not buying anything, I didn't have the courage. I'm almost too careful when I buy stuff! I usually need to come back many times and think it through A LOT!

Later on we went to eat at a Mongolian restaurant. They had a crazy buffet there so we ate until we were too full to be able to move properly! Hahaha, I was sooo crazy full! But it was really good!

Bye for now! 


  1. wtf the bole : O enormous!!!!!!!! you look so tiny on front of it

    & I envy you for not buying clothes right away xD I'm the absolute opposite lol
    btw your makeup and outfit looks really good, and you did a great job on the ripped jeans : D

    good luck for your exams ; 3

  2. I should be studying a little myself, but I can't get off the internet haha!

    That museum looks really cool, I'm interested in those sort of things as well, so it was not boring to me at all. I wish I could see that tree up close. I can't even imagine how big it once was.

    Your outfit is so nice! I like the style you are doing recently^^/ And I think your self ripped jeans look great!

  3. can i just say that I truly love your outfit and that close up photo of you is pop teen cover material!!

  4. Wow, you did an awesome job on your jeans! ♥
    & I hope you can go back & get that cardi since it does look pretty awesome~!

  5. You look so pretty, I love the makeup and coordinate! :)

  6. Your make up and coordinate are really cute :D

  7. Dropping by after I saw you commented on my Weekly Wrapup post in livejournal. I just wanted to say I love your blog and your make up is so so fabulous. Keep rocking your style, your diy jeans are terrific!


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