September 25, 2010

Strolling Around in Osaka - July 21th

I thought I'd make a new post from my trip to Japan.
This time it's photos from the third day in Osaka (I'll post my second day next time). 
Poor Hyo got sick and probably fever as well.While Hyo stayed at the hotel room resting I went to explore by myself!

I wore my new dress that day for the first time.
I'm sorry about the blurry photo! It's not even showing my shoes. But we didn't have a good mirror at the hotel room and I didn't have anyone to take the photo.

My make-up that day was very simple.

I went down the streets of Shinsaibashi and I didn't know I'd end up here:
Glico Running Man has become one of the symbols of Osaka. I was so surprised that this place was only about 10-15min walk from my hotel. The distances in Osaka didn't seem to be very long.
The Dotonbori canal. It's so cozy!

I stopped by Starbucks to grab my favorite Green Tea Latte.♥

While walking on the Shinsaibashi streets  I noticed a lot of nice stores:

This store was HUUUGE! At least compared to the one in Shibuya 109 in Tokyo. It seems as though the store are usually bigger in Osaka. Maybe it's because Tokyo grounds are so crazy expensive.

Even Body Line was bigger in Osaka:
  Underneath Body Line I found Randa, a gal shoe shop.

Almost all shopping is under a roof. It was kind of nice since it was so freakin' hot!
Here I found the Korean make-up brand Skin Food. I was a bit surprised to see it there.
 There were lots of other gal stores on that street. I'll post more in another post.

 So here's what I bought!

Black Mode/Rock gal heels.
I like them a lot, but my problem now is that they hurt really bad because they are a bit too small for me. So I'm thinking of selling them.
New digital camera case:
This one is designed by Momoeri.
It was really cheap! Only 500yen. It's such a cute design♥

Next Japan post I make I'll write about our sightseeing at the Osaka Castle!

Bye for now!


  1. Yummy green tea latte~! ♥ Those are my favourite from Starbucks now too, haha~
    Those shoes are so lovely, it's a shame you're thinking of selling them ;o; What size would they be, just out of curiosity?

  2. I know what you mean about distances seeming smaller in Osaka...when I went at Easter we thought our hotel was really far from everything then two stops later we were in Namba, then I found the Running Man!! It seemed to super easy to get to places!!

  3. the pic of ur makeup reminds me kumiko :)

  4. those shoes are great!

    to bad that they are too small :(
    it's crazy actually why we girls like to buy shoes that look super nice but don't fit correctly 8D

  5. I like the street shots!!!

  6. Oh your outfit is very cute and a perfect summery outfit! I love your simple makeup, you are so skilled at doing makeup I think!

    I love seeing your pictures of Osaka, it reminds me of my trip there last year. I remember the first time I went to Dotonburi, I was surprised at how dirty everything was and all the hosts and pick up guys hanging around haha!

    Yes, Shinsaibashi is a very fun place to shop, everything is there! And I bet it's especially convinient when it's raining! haha^^ I didn't know about gal fashion last year, I wish I could go to those gal shops now!

    Oh it's too bad those shoes are painful >< they look very cute.

  7. I love your new shoes!! and that small bag >w< and you look super cute in that outfit :> i've always wanted one of those hats

  8. I loveee matcha latte too <3 but they dont have it here in UK boo i miss it!! xx


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