September 8, 2010

Study at the Library- Outfit

Hey guys! Today I... wait...  the title already says it all. -___- 
So today I went with Madlen, my study-buddy, to the library to...uhm... study!^__^' We didn't have any lessons today, but we thought we'd be good students and do some home studies and such together.

She actually looks like she's enjoying it! She's a true nerd!♥
 Another library nerd.
The day before yesterday I bought a new skirt, so today I decided to wear it.
I really liked today's outfit!

Skirt: Cubus
T-Shirt: Delyle
Shoes: Monki
Tights: Primark (London)
Barret: Some store in Harajuku
Scrunchy: Closet Child

Close-up on my make-up.
 I set a new personal record today!
It only took me about 45min to do my make-up AND my hair!
I'm trying to get faster at doing my gyaru make-up so that I can wear it everyday.
I just need to find a fast way to curl my hair... T____T

Bye for now! 


  1. Thank you! It's so easy to make! ^__^

  2. Thank you! ^___^ I like it so much!♥

  3. Thank you so much!♥
    I end up chatting too, but I think I learn better this way ^___^

  4. Thank you~!♥ I was pleased with it!^^

  5. Hi! ^___^
    Welcome to my blog! Hope you'll enjoy it and thank you for reading it! It means a lot to me♥
    Thank you~!


  6. Hahaha, thanks hun~!♥
    You think?-^____^- Because I LOVE Delyle!
    Thank you so much!♥♥♥

  7. Thanks hun!♥ I was really pleased with this look! ^___^
    You're always hot! ;)

  8. Thank you~!♥

    I've tried it, but I have a bad straightener, it's very small so I can't make it look good. I need to buy a new one :( Thanks for the tip! ^___^

  9. Me too, I'm just so said I broke them T__T


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