October 8, 2010

♥Gyaru Meet-up in Stockholm♥

I've been looking forward to do this post!
Last Saturday me and some gals met from the Swedish Gyaru Community.
Of course I had to try to come up with an extra cute outfit this time!
And this is how it turned out:
I tried to achieve a Liz Lisa bohemian autumn style. I really liked how it turned out!

Outfit Rundown:
Tunic: Some cheap shop in Harajuku
Shoes: Some store in Sweden.
Vest: H&M
Headband: Ebay

We were about 7 girls and I didn't really get a good group shot. T__T
Erika in her cute outfit and cute Sofia to the left:

Us walking down the streets! Yeah!
 At first we were just walking around in the stores and such, doing the girly stuff.♥

Me and Michaela found these cute furry hats with cute ears at Top Shop. They were too adorable!

 After a while of walking we were starving so we crashed at a sushi place!

Sofia being super gyaru. Retouching her make-up at the café!

Later on some of us went to a karaoke place.
We had so much fun there!
 Just sing and drinking for 2 hours! It couldn't get better than that!
Me and Kajsa in the karaoke room.
Later on we went to a random home party and finished our awesome day there!

Bonus pic!
We all bought fox tails from H&M and as a joke said that we should make a gal circle called FOX TAIL! Hahah, so lame!

Bye for now!


  1. Fan va härligt!! Jag vet inte ens om det finns några kareoke ställen i Götet!!

    <3 Cassie

  2. Fan va coolt!! Vet inte ens om det finns några kareoke ställen i Götet!!



  3. aww you should have bought this cute hat at top shop, it looks so cute on you >3<
    it would be so great if I'd know more gals near my hometown to meet up with them...but I barely know 1 gal in my hometown and one in munich lol
    looks like so much fun to go around with more gals : 3 lucky you


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