October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had/or will have a fun Halloween! ^____^
I've been reading some of your blogs and seen a lot of photos on Facebook from some of my friends Halloween party. Halloween is so much fun!
Unfortunately I couldn't celebrate it this weekend, but I'm going to a Halloween(-ish) party next Friday in Gothemburg so I tried my make-up out. I guess this photo of my make-up is a preview of my up-coming Halloween-look. I was pretty pleased with my make-up, I look so evil, hehehe.

Can you guess what I'll dress up as?



  1. I guess a vampire, haha! Looking fabulous & hope you have fun too! ♥

  2. I think you're going to be vampire nurse! I really like this make-up, it's a perfect balance between beautiful and scary ^_^

  3. awww you are sweet 'n scary! <3
    Happy Halloweeeeen~


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