November 26, 2010

I Love False Lashes

Hi everyone!
I feel like I'm too lazy to blog these days, or maybe it's because I made a Tumblr (finally) and it's so much easier to blog there.
I think that winter is bringing me down a bit. It's already very dark and cold and I hate that I can ride my bike to school anymore and is forced to take the local bus. It's dark when I go to school and dark when I come home. I feel so sleepy all the time! And to top all this I just heard that this winter will be worse than last one... HOW CAN IT GET WORSE?

Anyways, I need to stop complaining about it, my complaining will not change anything, heheh :P

I made a before and after with only the foundation and full make-up to show you guys what difference it makes!
I love the effect of the false eyelashes!

I'm also wearing:
 Isadora - Waterproof Eyeliner
Canmake - Blush/Highlighter
H&M - Light Brown Eyebrow Pen
Tony Moly - Black Eyeshadow
H&M - Eyeshadow in Dusty brown
Canmake - Eyebrow coloring
Canmake - Melty Nude lipstick
Dior Kiss - Lipgloss
Tony Moly - Godess Style (in golden cream shade)

I know, I've promised to do a tutorial a long time. I'm sorry, just bare with me!



  1. Amazing, you look really cute ^^
    The false eyelashes change you your eyes, i love the effect too.

  2. Agreed! I love the effect.. and used to be an avid false eyelash user until my bf started complaining that he didn't like that they're fake eyelashes & when I started to get lazy to put them on w/ my makeup. I have a bunch though, so I think I should start using them again, don't you?

  3. The lashes make the difference!! I think it's the best invention in years!! xD
    Your make up is really amazing!! <3

  4. You are so pretty without makeup and I LOVE your full make up alot! It looks so great on you!!
    I hate this darkness and coldness... :( Wanna summer back right away !!

  5. that's what I call perfect gyaru make up<3<3<3 u are sooooooo pretty!

    look!! aina put a pic with u in her blog!! *______*

  6. omggg you're so beautiful even without eye makeup! i mean it!! ♥

    i really admire your makeup style, it's very pretty and NEVER looks scruffy!

  7. I love false eyelashes too
    since 2 years I'm wearing them quiet everyday because without my makeup looks kinda incomplete.
    and your make ups looks so good.
    love it but without you look very pretty too^^

  8. I saw this on your twitter! What a STUNNING picture, your makup is perfect!!

  9. I love fake lashes too!!! they gives me the double eyelid and hides my big and small eyes... ^^ without it you are just as pretty!!! :)

  10. You're so good at doing makeup! I really love your eyebrows, haha..! ^_^

  11. Are you serious?? I think you're one of those amazing people who is absolutely GORGEOUS without makeup & the makeup only enhances what's already there! ♥
    Hope you feel better~ the winter blues suck so much ;o;

  12. Girlfriend, do you have this photo of yourself?? It's SO AWESOME!

  13. You are so gorgeous!!!
    Looking so beautiful even without make-up, and looking really stunning with full make.
    Could you tell as well what lashes you use?

  14. wow, you look so different without makeup xD you're so pretty with makeup on =D

  15. WOW you like Canake? I am actually doing only shop selling cool Japanese items. So plz check it out! ;)

  16. i would like to see a tutorial on how you do your makeup! its just lovely <3


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