November 2, 2010

Party at the Club

Last Thursday me and my classmates Madlen and Rebecca went to the club. It was just perfect to party that day because I'd done the last exam for this course. It felt really good! ^___^

So here's what I wore:
Nothing too special really, but I liked my hair... Unfortunately it was ruined shortly after this photo because I had to walk in the rain and I forgot my umbrella! ;___;

This is why I never do this angel:
It was the best pic showing my make-up. I promise to never show this angle again! Sorry!

The club we went to was at the university and it was reggae/RnB themed. They played some nice music at the dance floor.  I had lots of fun! ^___^
Here's a photo taken by someone at the club. It's up on some website now.
I like this photo! I'm actually very drunk here but it doesn't show, or does it? Hahaha!
I drank waaay too much that night. Not okay! I need to be more careful...

I'm really looking forward to Tsukicon now! I'm trying to figure out what to wear... I'm not feeling the pressure, nooo not at aaall! Hahaha! But I decided not to buy anything new and try to coordinate something I have at home. Everyone will look so fantastic! *____*



  1. boo stupid rain, always ruining curls! You look so pretty! And not drunk at all. XD Looking forward to Tsuki too!

  2. I can't get over how beautiful you are!! <333

    Everything is absolutely flawless~ ^^
    I know what you mean about the rain though, it always attacks my hair, too :(

  3. I love the outfit actually :D really mature!
    I don't see anything wrong with that angle ^^;; you're gorgeous!

  4. You look as pretty as always~ ^^ Too bad about the curls though. :(
    I have a natural wave in my hair, so I GET curls whenever the air outside gets too humid. X'D

    What about that black, white and pink dress from Delyle? You can wear that at the con. ^^

  5. So cuteeee *____* Actually I like that picture's angle!! You're so pretty!!!

  6. it dosen't matter which angel you have, you always look drop dead gorgeous!

  7. Agreed with everyone~ I really don't think you have ANY bad angles, bb! Luckyyy, lol~

  8. you're so gorgeous! i love your make up, it's always so well done and it never looks messy! and i loved the party pic~♥

    i'm reeaally stressed about what to wear in tsukicon, especially how i'll do my hair! i don't want it to look boring but if i'll do something too arduous it might look flat and ugly in the evening... ;_;

  9. You know, you're pretty no matter the angle!
    And your eyes are probably what I love the most in you!
    You look great, really ^^

    I wish I could go to Tsukicon too, just have fun and I'm sure you'll look awesome!


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