November 2, 2010

Rainy Day

I met friend Malin today! It's been too long since last time we met.
As usual we met up downtown to walk around in shops, eat and have a cup of coffee. It's been raining all day! Brrrrr, I hate cold rain!

Here's what I wore:
 Just something cozy. Very suitable for this kind of weather!

I kind of like today's make-up, but maybe I shouldn't make my eye shape too big..?
(ignore my non-matching nails)

The obligatory clothing-store-mirror-shot:
I had so much fun with her today!



  1. Cute outfit! I like the combination of the green skirt and the tan hair pom poms! Very cute and cozy. I'm sorry that it was so rainy on your meetup day, but it looks like you had fun anyhow XD

  2. So cute~! ♥ & I don't think your eyes look too big at all, haha~

  3. Your outfit here is really cute, but I LOVE your furry hair ball thingies!


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