November 28, 2010

Thai BBQ Buffet and About My False Lashes

This Friday me, Hyo Chan and our friend went to a Thai BBQ Buffet. I've been so lazy with make-up all week but this day I decided to dress up and do my make-up!

So here's my look from that day:

I wore a simple winter outfit:

The food was delicious!
This place is so great because you can pic what ever you'd like and they will barbecue it in front of you.

They have an amazing dessert buffet too~!

My False Lashes

Some of you guys asked me what eye lashes I use in my previous post.
Here's what I wore in that photo:
I use two pair of upper false lashes to make my lashes look super think and long. I'm sorry, I don't remember what brand the Daiso lashes are.
Here's my lower falses lashes unused in it's original container:
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And here's the Korean false lashes:
I actually bought them at the local convenient store when I was in S. Korea. I'm not sure where else to find them. They are pretty long, that's why I like them ^___^ I think I've seen similar style from other brands before, so maybe you can find similar ones.



  1. The eyelashes fit your eyes so well!!!
    Oh and love your nails!!!

  2. You seriously look like a Cecil McBee girl here ♥
    & it always amazes me how you girls can layer lashes like that! I can barely get one pair on, haha XD


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