December 19, 2010

Cozy Christmasy Saturday

Hey guys!
It's only a few days until Christmas! I can't believe it! Every X-mas I'm so unprepared!
So yesterday my friend had a X-mas get-together at her house.
She had found the perfect X-mas tree!
She and her mother had arranged so that we all bought a small gift to someone without them knowing who it was from. It was kind of fun! ^___^ We were also playing board games, Resident Evil and ate delicious x-mas candy~
Here's Victoria, me and my friend Hanna.
The photos started to get a little be crazy for a while. Ain't we pretty?
Hanna was so cute in her outfit! I wore my new over-sized knit, I'm sooo pleased with it! It's so big and cozy!
I'll try to come up with a better coordination with it next time!



  1. The christmas tree is very cute and you look lovely together with your friends^^

    That sweater you have has such an interesting shape!! It looks really unique and cool XD

  2. your knit is very pretty! ♥

    haha love the thirth pic honey XDD♥

  3. Your sleeves look like legwarmers!! It's so cute! :3

  4. awh so cozy <3 love the coords!


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