December 20, 2010

A Review and a Christmas Greeting

Hi everyone!
So I finally made a new review and this time it's on my circle lenses Geo Hurricane and my lower false lashes Jewerich nr 3.

I think I sat the whole day with this video! It took a long time to edit it because I made so many mistakes T_T

Review - Geo Hurricane

Comfort: 4/5
They are pretty comfortable, but you'll need your eye drops during the day.

Color: 3/5
They are not so radiant, so if you want a big color change these are not for you. 

Looks: 5/5
I think they look very beautiful, I love them! Because of their fading color they look a bit misty which I really like! My eyes look so dreamy when I wear them.

Review - Jewerich nr 3

Comfort: 3/5
They're stiffness make them a bit difficult to apply and they are falling off a bit in the edges during the day.

Looks: 4/5
They are very beautiful and dramatic, but you'll need a lot of make-up to be able to wear these so that they actually look good.

Lasting Quality: 2/5
They really want to break when you try to remove the old glue. This makes me so sad!

Photo of me wearing the lashes and the circle lenses:


I also made a Christmas Greeting Video for you all!

God Jul!



  1. God Jul! / Hyvää joulua! (på finska) ♥ Du är verkligen söt och du pratar så bra engelska~!
    Hahaha, jag försökte att skriva en kommentar på svenska idag! :D

  2. Awe, you're so adorable~~!! ♥
    btw, is that your new sweater? I love it! ;D

  3. OMG I haven't commented on this post yet!
    But I love the videos alot!!


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