December 1, 2010

Tsukicon- Part 2

I know that I'm pretty late with these posts, but just have patience!
I just realized that I still have a lot of photos to post from my trip to Korea/Japan. It feel like I can't find the time to do these posts. But I'll try to have Tsukicon as my number one priority at the moment.


 So here's a picture of the ending of the awesome gyaru fashion show that was held by Viivi at Tsukicon.
All the girls were sooo gorgeous and I love that many of them walked on the runway with lots of confidence! Go gaijin gyaru~!
 At the bottom of the photo you'll see one guy from the Fuji TV team.

Because I was one of the people who won in a competition I got to meet Yumachi and Aina and get their autographs. Kaisu was the one to reminding me about it. If she hadn't told me about it I would have missed it. Thank you so much!
At the signing event I got to stand in line to meet them. I was sooo nervous! But then I just became very happy when I met them because they seemed so nice and they were even prettier in real life! They even complimented me and said that I was "キレイ" (beautiful)! I let them sign an issue of EGG Magazine with their  photos, as you guys saw in my previous post, and they were surprised that I'd let them sign a magazine an recognized it from one of the summer issues. Then I got hugs from them (!) and their manager took a picture of me with them. I felt like a total fan girl!

Whenever you have lots of fun you forget to eat. Well, it's always like that for me!
So me and Sofia decided to go to the very nearby McDonalds to grab something and then we met Kristiina, Eilish and Monica there! Good timing!

After the closing of Tsukicon for the day Monica had gathered lots of gals to go for dinner together.
I wish I had a better picture on everyone, because everyone was looking so freakin' gorgeous! Something about this dinner made it a bit weird, we had the Fuji TV team filming us like paparazzi so I was feeling a bit weird eating while getting filmed.

Later on we headed to Monica and Ingvilds place to hang out and then we went to mine, Sofia's and Amanda's place to have a kind of pre-party because we decided to party together.
This photo is Monica's.
All the cool gals going out to party!
Once again, Monica's photo.
We went to the special clubbing event that Tsukicon arranged. I think it was us and 5 more people at the club. So the club wasn't anything to cheer about, but I met some nice people there and I think we had a pretty good time anyways.



  1. oh glad you had an amazing time, everyone looks so pretty!

  2. ラスタギヤルDecember 1, 2010 at 7:49 AM

    I am so jealous >.< ~ it looks like so much fun!!!!!!!

  3. great pics again. i wish i could be there too. i hope they will repeat this next year. you had such a nice time ^^

  4. It was so nice to meet you! I really enjoyed the brief conversation we had while walking to your hotel on Saturday. I don't know if you remember it but to me it seemed like we have a lot in common. ^^ I wish we could have talked more, I wanted to ask you stuff about your trip to Seoul! I'm going there in 2011 and you are like the only person I know who's been there, haha. Hopefully we can meet again one day~


  5. Nice pics & ur so pretty awww! <3 added a pic from us to my blog, I look like a hobo but u and Sofia are soo cute! (:

  6. so many nice pics!!! *o* All of you look amazing in the pictures!!

  7. yeah so great you so beautifull

  8. Awe, congrats on winning the Aina & Yumachi contest!! ♥ Looks like it was a blast & I hope you get to see the Fuji TV spot (if they ever air it) because I'm sure you'll be in it! ;D


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