December 12, 2010

Tsukicon- Part 3

Hi guys! I thought I'd post the last pictures from Tsukicon.
Here's what I wore on the last day at Tsukicon:
 And my make-up~

Click for more pics!

I met the same girl as I met on saturday and she had another awesome look and I just had to take a picture with her. I think she looks like a shop staff at Shibuya 109!
I want her style so badly!

We also met this cute girl!
It's Tanjas photo, thanks for sending me it!
Her name is Tanja, she was such a sweet person! I'd love to meet you again~!
Right after this photo was taken me and Sofia went to stand in line for Yumachi and Aina's concert. It was  rainy and cold and we had to stand in line for a long time. But then finally we came inside to watch the concert. The concert was heaps of fun! I really enjoyed it!

Afterwards Kartin had told some of us gyarus that they wanted us to get photographed with Yuma and Aina.
And here's the photo they took on us!

I found this photo on Aina's blog.
They wanted us all to do the Egg-pose, haha. I look like a moron!
After this we got to ask them something if we wanted, I was to shy to do it. And then it all ended up in a hugging party where Aina and Yumachi hugged us all, they were sooo cute!<3

The manager picked a few of us to take a singel photo with Yumachi and Aina because he'll send it to EGG magazine.
I was lucky to be chosen and here's my photo!
I found this photo on Aina's blog.
I'm not sure if I'll end up in EGG magazine, we'll see... ^___^ They look soo gorgeous, I look dull next to them!

Another weird thing that happened was that me, Sofia and Amanda was asked to have dinner with Yumachi and Aina's manager and the Fuji TV crew. At first I wondered why, and then at the dinner I realized that I wanted to hit on me... Hahah It was kind of awkward.
Despite this, I had lots of fun!
He treated us all with delicious Italian food:
And later on we went to the pub to drink more and hang out. I had so much fun that night!

The next day we went to take Purikura with Ingvild, Monica and Kristiina at the Purikura Shop.

Decorating the picture!

Here's the result!
(Click on them to make them bigger.)

I also took some ego puri, hehe

I was so sad that I had to say goodbye! But me, Sofia and Amanda had to run to the bus that was going to take us to the airport.

I had so much fun during my trip in Finland, I hope I can meet all of you wonderful girls again soon!



  1. i love your outfit!
    you're so cute!♥

  2. I see, you didn't just make it in the japanese television, you may also be in EGG magazine?!?!?
    I envy you ^^
    Your outfit for the last day is so cute!!

  3. the outfit is so cute! i am in love with the dress~

  4. Aina and Yumachi's manager was actually kinda scary :DD But you look great with Aina & Yumachi, hope you'll get in the magazine!

  5. cumi 。。♪★(o´∀`o)ノDecember 13, 2010 at 2:17 PM

    u're soooo cuteeeeeee.. (//)3//)~~*


  6. You look so cute, i love the dress, and your makeup ^^


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