December 14, 2010

Winter Trend: Over-Sized Knits

Lately my love for over-sized knits has grown strong!  I love the cozy snuggly look of it while it can look really sexy by showing some shoulders. This trend suits perfect for the super cold weather we have here in Sweden right now. I've sadly, but true, gone to school without any styling our nice outfit at all lately which has made me a bit down. So I decided I need to start dressing up again because it really makes me happy! ^___^

So here's some looks I've been craving for...

I found this outfit at Tumblr.
I love this outfit to bits! The long big sleeves look so snuggly!

This photo is cut out of the latest issue of Happie Nuts 11/01.
I love the bohemian rockish style of this outfit.

Here's another pic I found at Tumblr
I'm not sure who she is, but her outfit rocks!
It's simple and I like it a lot!

So guess what I did today?

I made some shopping of course!
When it's cheap, cute and the shipping is free I can't help myself, I just have to shop!

Here's what I bought this time. It's about exactly what I've been searching for and I found it all on
This short over-sized knit would look awesome with my black ripped jeans I think.

This dress was just too cute! it was only about 12 Euros! And that IS a crazy low price!

Let's just hope that they'll both suit me in size.
I can't wait!



  1. they look so cute!! please share with us some photos when you wear them! ^^

    So pretty ;) I'm also currently obssed with them too <3


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