January 14, 2011

Coffee Prince in Hongdae

I should have posted this a long time ago!

Does anyone recognize this Korean drama?

It's actually one of my favorite drama! As soon as I started to watch it I completely fell  in love with it!
It seems to be a very popular drama not only in S. Korea but also in other countries. Even Hyo liked it a lot and he is picky with dramas.

It's called Coffee Prince and the drama takes place in a café called Coffee Prince which they created for this show. And what's amazing is that it's actually a real café now!!!

Because I'm such a fan of Coffee Prince I just HAD to go there!

Click on "Read more" for photos!

It looks just like in the drama!

Here's the counter.
As you can see they saved almost all the scribbles and the menu's on the blackboards.
So cute~!

I remember this one from the drama!
I was so happy to see that they'd saved a lot of it.
They even had the flower decorations! But I was disappointed to see that they'd glued a fake on over the real painted one for some reason.

Don't forget that this is actually a café! Hahah, I ordered something cold because it was so hot that day.
Maybe I should've ordered coffee instead?

All of us (accept Nathalie who's taking the picture) in front of the wall. 
Jonas, Hyo, me, Agnes and Yannick.
I can't read Hangul and I don't understand Korean, but I think the writings are autographs and messages.

A short video for the atmosphere~

It was so weird to see something that you've only seen in the drama and photos for real. It felt like I've already been there before. Crazy!
Haha, but yeah, I'm a total Coffee Prince fan girl!

Here's my look from that day.
During my stay in Korea I wanted to wear a more natural look~

If you're ever in Seoul and you want to visit Coffee Prince Café here's a description on how to get there. It's located in the popular party district in Seoul called Hongdae. Luckily it was near out guest house!
As a café the prices are okay, but if you're a fan like me I really recommend you to visit it! ^___^



  1. ooooh!!! I am so jealous!!
    I love Coffee Prince!!!
    I can see that you have enjoyed so much!!! I want to go there someday too hahaha
    and you look so cute!

  2. That is too cooool Becci! 8) Wow, I'd like to visit S-Korea some day ^^

  3. i haven't seen the drama but it seems nice *-* and btw i LOVE your look in these photos, summer dress and the makeup + hair..... you looks great in it, girl <333

  4. Waaaa... that's so amazing! I really want to go there too.
    I am also a big fan of coffee prince and it's amazing that the caffee really exist! Thanks alot for the short introducten and if I am in s.korea I definetly have to go there!! ^-^

  5. Haven't seen that one. My absolute favorite kdrama is Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang.

  6. wow, so cool~~! (sorry for commenting on an older post = U = '' )
    I think this look really suits you~ :D
    you look so pretty ^ ^


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