January 27, 2011


Hey guys!
This weekend I'm going to a Japan convention in Gothemburg, it's called Confusion. Haha, I really like the name!

I'm going with my friend Amanda who runs the store SUTEKI. 
I'm going to help her and be her shop staff on the convention, so I'm really looking forward to this! I am also going to be a model at Japanese street style fashion show! I can't show you what I'm going to wear because it's a secret~ So you'll have to wait for the photos. Sorry!
I also did my nails for the weekend:
Short nails again, but I'm growing to like the short nails! And another reason why I've only done the short style lately is because I run out of acrylic liquid *cries*, So now I have to survive on nail polish ONLY!
I have plans on try out gel nails too, but I just need to buy a gel set and try it out. It seems a lot harder to do gel nails than acrylic ones.

Aah, I need to get going now! I have things to pack!



  1. oh i love the color! I am also getting into short nails, it's good for a change, I can type faster lol! and I am so looking forward to your collab with Suteki store :> can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Aw, I really like their logo! The icon looks like a naruto! :3 That's so cool that you get to be in a fashion show~ I'm looking forward to the photos! Also, your new nails are lovely. ♥

  3. I actually like nails that are a few mm past your fingers. They are not short.. but also not very long either, so very easy and appropriate for any occasion. That is how I like to keep mine.. but they often break etc so they end up being the same your length haha

    Also red is such a fabulous color ^^

  4. Congratulations on the fashion show! ♥ Can't wait to see the photos & gorgeous nails~

  5. Good luck at the convention : D
    My nails are short too : ( they began chipping off.. esp. my middle fingers. It's really frustrating!

  6. Oh I didn't know Amanda runs that store, I hope the Con is lots of fun!

    I love those red nails, oh its such a lovely color on the glittery nails^^

  7. Really pretty nail art, i love them *.*

  8. good luck in the event! and have fun :D

  9. Yej Yej Yej Rebecca. Du är såååååååååååå duktig på modeling. Såååå kult! Kan inte vänta att få se på bilder. Du ska säkert se så underbart ut. Tusen Isbjörnis kramisar vännen.


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