January 12, 2011

A Cup of Coffee

I'm so happy that it's finally getting a bit warmer outside, but the bad thing is that when all the snow starts melting during the day it freezes during the night so this morning when I went to school I felt like Bambi on ice. Hahah, it's almost impossible to walk without slipping like crazy!

Last Saturday I met my friend Katja. I realized that it's been about a year since last time I saw her! That's too long! So I was very happy to meet her.

Here's my look from that day:

We went to have a cup of coffee or two~
My cheesecake was absolutely delicious!
Did you know that Sweden is one of the most coffee drinking country in the world. Crazy huh? Actually the whole Scandinavia is nuts about coffee. I love coffee~

Katja is so cute~ She's the queen of sewing lolita clothing!

Unfortunately it was actually raining that day so we couldn't walk outside that much.
Katja is wearing a coat that she made herself. She's so talented!

Me being silly~
I had lots fun that day. I hope I can meet her more often than once a year!



  1. It was so much fun seeing you again:D You have to come and visit me and my new apartment soon^_^

  2. "Actually the whole Scandinavia is nuts about coffee" That was so well said, it's true. I'm from Finland, I should know x) Have fun Becci! Cute outfit! ~Minna

  3. Your friend is so cute~! ♥ I'm so amazed that she made that coat herself!! Awesome skills, haha!

  4. Stop being so perfect, will you?

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  6. http://mymic.blogg.seJanuary 16, 2011 at 3:58 PM

    Aaaah, du är så himla vacker! Älskar ditt hår ^^


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