January 4, 2011

Hanging Out in Stockholm

Hey guys! I feel like I'm getting lazier everyday! Maybe it's because I have too much free time now when it's winter break, haha, I need to start full-filling my resolutions!

So, the day after the meet-up me and my friend Hanna decided to meet for some shopping and such in Stockholm.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to do my hair because I was to lazy to wake up early that day, hehe.

We went to eat at the same Thai place because it was so cheap and delicious. I totally feel like a tourist because I don't know much about good eating places in Stockholm.
Hanna is looking cute in her Nordic knit. I liked it so much that I even decided to buy the same one!

They had some amazing Christmas window dressing in Åhléns City.
Later on we went to a store called Beyond Retro. It's a extra-ordinary store that sell extra-ordinary second hand clothing!
I love this store so much! I can find almost everything here! If you're ever in Stockholm I recommend you to visit this store.

Here's one of their shop staff.
This guy had such an amazing style! I just had to ask for a picture. And he was very flattered when I asked him. Can you see he's little flamingo earing?

Just before I had to go we went to a café and read or new magazines that we had bought at a Japanese store called Sun Ai. Being able to buy Gyaru magazines is one of many reasons why I wish I didn't live 2 hours from Stockholm.

After a while I had to hurry to my train. I wasn't actually bored on my trip home.
I had my magazine to read!
By the way, this is how my nails looked like. I didn't have time to do anything special, but I kinda like this short style nails too.

Another thing that kept me occupied for a while was cam-whoring in the toilett of the train, haha...
What?!They had good lightings there! :D

And here's what I bought that day!
Two magazines, which one contained that tail (I admitt that I just bought it for the freebe, haha), and some Japanese sweets and food.

I also bought the same knit that Hanna wore, as I mentioned earlier.
I love it to bits!♥


  1. Ah that knit is so fabulous <3
    Love the shopstaff guy xD!
    and your nails are fab! (ok I love everything in this post xD)

  2. the knit suits perfectly to you :)
    and don't mind about ur hair, u're always cute! :)
    kisses!!! :*

  3. Haha, it's not even a magazine I'd read XD lol, but I like the tail and my cellphone has a new mobil strap~♥
    Is is! *___* I love Kareraisu!

  4. Thank you! ^____^
    Yeah, it is!♥

  5. Yeah, I love Popsister!♥ it has a lot of coords I'd love to wear ^___^
    It is, maybe we could swatch for a while because I miss Tokyo so bad right now!♥

    It is! *___* it's just what I've been looking for since last winter!

  6. yay for nordic print knit! :D you look amazing as always <3 I need to buy myself some magazines too!

  7. curry <3 >w<

    Im going to Sun-ai today to buy magazines, I hadn't thought about that before I read you and Hanna's blogs that they had gyaru magazines >___< <3 its awesome juh!! <3333
    And i need that adorable fox tail too, hope there's any left... ; _ ;''

    It looks like you too had alot of fun! <3 >w<
    And you should totally come to Stockholm more often!

  8. Elisse (www.elisses.blogg.se)January 8, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    Var köper du dina lösögonfransar? Hittar inte "gyaru-ögonfransar" någonstans :/

  9. Yey!
    I'm a spanish girl. I have see your blog in a friend's blog and i really like it :)
    Follow you ^^

    P.D.: You're really pretty ;)


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