January 10, 2011

Small Meet-up

Wait what...? AGAIN?!
Haha, yeah, that's right! We had ANOTHER meet-up in Stockholm!
So, we have a Swedish gal circle called Lovelipop, and this newly created circle arranged their first meet-up so I was happy to go! ^___^
I'm actually not in the circle, I guess I'm not the circle type, but I was excited to meet the members♥

Here's my simple nails of the day:

Unfortunately I didn't get any good pics on my outfit T__T, but here's a shot on my hair before it got ruined by the snow.

It was actually a snow storm that day so some of the members of the gal circle couldn't come.
But here's us who had luck with the trains and busses! Haha, not that many, but it was really nice!
From right:  TildeAmanda, Lydia, Emma.
And me and  Nicki at the bottom making a shape of a heart.♥
This photo belongs to Nicki. She has an awesome gal blog which you can visit here and she's the leader of Lovelipop.
Her camera is waaay better than mine so I let her take all the photos, that's why I don't much photos of my own. I kinda regret that now, hehe.

Because I was madly hungry we hung out at Burger King.
We're always at the fast food places, haha, so classy! 

Just chillin'
Almost everything was closed that day because it was a holiday (which none knows why we celebrate it), bad pick on day for a meet-up with the holidays and the snow storm and all. But despite this I had lots of fun! ^___^

Later on we went to a Thai restaurant/bar. It was such a cozy place!

I usually don't beer that much, but Singha is actually really good!

I made some new friends and I had a great time! I hope I can meet you all again soon! ^___^
I'm so happy to see that our small Swedish gyaru community is actually growing!



  1. I'm quite jealous! I need more gal meets in my life. T_T

    Loved your eye makeup here ^^

  2. How can you be so cute ALL THE TIME??? >.<*

    It looks like you guys have so much fun~
    I'm not exactly Gal, but I wish I could go to Sweden and see you guys! Hehe

    I love the Nordic print on you, too~ it looks amazing! Just like your hair and makeup :)

    You're such a gorgeous lady! ^^

  3. Pretty nails (L)
    And goo outfit ;)

  4. Sooooo pretty!!! Love your make up <3 Oh and your sweater... what brand is it? :))) Huggles*

  5. Hi Eli! ^___^

    Thank you~!
    I'm using a red nail polish from H&M and some glitter I bought at the hobby store and the top coat is from a Japanese 100yen store :P so just cheap things there!

  6. Hi Becci !

    I absolutely loooove your nails ! can you please, pleeeeease tell me what polish you used ?!


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