February 1, 2011

Confusion - Day 1

Hey everyone! I'm back to real life again!
This past weekend I went to a Japan convention to help my friend sell stuff from her store SUTEKI and to model on a Japanese street fashion fashion show.

So this is where me and Amanda spent most of our time during the convention.
It was so much fun to sell! I met so many nice people! But of course, I was SUPER tired when I came back home again.

This is what I wore the first day:
I was wearing my new boots and an Usamimi headband from SUTEKI.
Next to our table was a host corner which my friend Marcus and his friend Davy had organized!
I just had to try it out!
They where both sooo stylish!

Later on when the convention closed me, Amanda, Marcus, Davy and some other friends went to the pub, because, well it was Friday!
Haha, well we weren't THAT drunk! But I was kind of weak that night because I had eaten so little and I had been working all day (kinda). It was fun! ^___^



  1. You're so pretty~~ <3
    And the last picture was awesome! X'D

  2. Haha, looks like it was a great time! ♥
    Can't wait to see photos from the fashion show ;D

  3. I'm so jealous, your hair and makeup always look perfect *o*
    ~hope you had fun <3

  4. So pretty & wow we have those conventions here to but they don't look as fun as yours! I'm going to check out your friends store, looks like she has heaps of cute goodies~ xx

  5. Last photo = XDDDDDDDDD Amazing! <3 Love your style and your makeup is flawless, seriosly :D

  6. HAhaha, you guys look great! Loved the last photo! It seriously made me LOL. xD Hahahaha

  7. i'm sad i missed the event .___. i was sick so i couldn't go to gothenburg! but i'm happy to see you had fun! love the photos!

  8. Haha you girls take the most lovely pictures! ;D I really LOVE the pink usamimi, so cute!

  9. Oh it looks like you had a fun time at the convention indeed, and your outfit was very lovely. How funny there was a host corner! Haha


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