February 2, 2011

Confusion - Day 2

Hey guys! Here's next part of the convention Confusion.
The next day of the convention I woke up early to get myself ready because I was going to model on the fashion show. I'll warn you, this post contains a lot of photos of me, hahaha, 
So here's my look in the morning!
I was VERY pleased with my hair that day!

I was helping Amanda selling that day too~
Photo by my friend Carl Schöldborg
SUTEKI~! She made this cute sign! ^___^

Here's what I wore that day. I was very pleased with my outfit!
Photo by Carl Schöldbörg.
And on to the fashion show!
Photo by Carl Schöldborg
We were 4 people representing gyaru: me, Marcus, Bexi and Davy
Don't we look kind of cool? ^___^
Too bad I was moving in this photo!

Me and Marcus walked the runway together!
The last two photos are taken by Bernhard Zwc Hettman.

Close-up standing on the stage!
I like this photo even though I make a weird face. The photographer is really good!
Modelling on the fashion show was awesome! At first I was very VERY nervous, but once I stepped on the stage I felt very confident and it was so much fun!  There were people in many different styles like Lolita, Decora, Visual Kei etc. also modellig. everyone was so cute! I'd love to participate in a fashion again!



  1. Love your hair and make, gurl! Your eyes are effing gorgeous.

  2. I love how your hair looked this day! you were amazing!!!
    nd also like so much your skirt, really pretty ><
    kisseees =)

  3. Oh, it looks like you hade a really great time att the convention. Would be fun to go sometime. :)
    You looked very good on the fashion show. Like you belonged there. ^^ And I love your outfit (knit and skirt are an awesome combo), and your hair. I get why your pleased with it. ^^

  4. You looked so gorgeous! your hair came out perfect indeed :D

  5. awwn it looked like funn!! u looked great

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