February 15, 2011

I'd Rather Blog Than Study

Aaargh, I'm so tired of working on this paper! Could someone please do it for me!? Hahaha XD
I'd rather do anything else than working on it!

I found another picture of me from Confusion!
The photo is taken and edited by my friend Shila.
Isn't she an amazing photographer!?

Anyways, I'm going back to being a gross and unstylish now, I need to get this paper done. T__T



  1. vet hur det är XD man e så snygg när man pluggar, luggen i en rolig toffs + mjukisbyxor XD

  2. always so pretty! you totally ROCK that cardigan <3

  3. You're so pretty!! I love your makeup, especially the cheeks ♥
    Your outfit is very cute too!

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  5. oh this should be in a fashion magazine!!! <3 you look so beautiful and stylish!

  6. Nej vilken söt bild! ^_^
    Älskar din tröja btw <3

  7. Guu vad söt du är, snygg söt :))) Har samma tröjja faktish x) gör söt anyway <3 kramar ocg keep it up :*


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